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Zephyra - Kämpaglöd [EP] (2013) - Song by song

Zephyra - Kämpaglöd [EP] (2013) - Song By Song
By: Åsa Netterbrant
Edited by: T.V.

Release date: 6 February 2013

01. Route 611
02. Forced Family
03. Pessimist
04. Release My Anger
05. Imprisoned Queen
06. Kämpaglöd (Instrumental)

All songs arranged, recorded and produced by Zephyra

Sweden, melodic Thrash Metal,... it sounds so familiar, doesn't it.Though everything, Zephyra can still bring fresh air into this overchewed genre. They don't limit themselves to be just one of many Dark Tranquility, Soilwork or In Flames clones, but rather exploring the genre with adding a lot of unique elements into it. The band formed in 2009 by Tony and Åsa, who are today the only two remaining from original line-up. Their influences are widely spread, from Slayer, Metallica, Dark Tranquility, Evergrey, Iced Earth, with a lot of progressive parts, dark and obscure vibrations that appear here and there. Åsa with her growls can bring many of male vocalist on their knees, not to mention her clean singing. Guitarist Tony on the other hand knows how to craft amazing captivating melodies that give a right balance between aggressive, in your face metal and  atmospheric nice driving elements. The band went since their formation through a lot of line-up changes and now consists of Åsa Netterbrant (lead growls/lead vocals), Tony Netterbrant (guitar & vocals) and Tobias Oja (bass). This talented group released so far one six tracks demo Behave in 2010, four track self-released EP First Blood, which was recorded & produced by Mathias Lodmalm (Cemetary) in 2012 and six track self-released EP Kämpaglöd. Their lead vocalist Åsa Netterbrant gave us an exclusive song by song commentary about their recently released EP Kämpaglöd

1. Route 611 (Composer: Tony, Lyrics: Tony & Åsa)

This is a straight forward song with dominate growls. Tony was inspired by Dark Tranquillity with the choruses. In this song, we recorded our first black metal inspired riff, for the middle-eight. The lyrics are about a vital, and very dangerous road in Helmand province in Afghanistan. The soldiers have to keep it secured, and it has it´s price. The inspiration came from a documentary.

2. Forced Family (Composer: Tobias & Tony, Lyrics: Tony & Åsa)
Forced is put together by Tony, from a whole lot of great riffs from Tobias. He wanted aggressive riffs combined with beautiful melodies. The bass is very prominent in this song and the vocals extremly versatile. The lyrics are about the hell that can be, by not having the opportunity to choose your family. Friends can turn out to be your family, when all the biological ones are stabbing your back and pushing you over the edge of sanity.

3. Pessimist (Composer: Henrik & Tony, Lyrics: Åsa & Tony)

An old song, actually one of our first ones, re-arranged to suit our melodic and progressive side. Mainly written by the former guitarit Henrik, but, as said, re-arranged by Tony. The intro is long and epic, with a sad touch to it. In this song, Tony provides very emotional vocals in the verse. The outro has a strong bass melody. This is about all those negative energy thieves that we have around you. The ones you don´t need, cause they drain you, and they give nothing back.

4. Release My Anger (Composer: Tony, Lyrics: Tony & Åsa)

A fast and straight forward song. Right on it! Our main promotional song, with an official video to it, all made by the Zephyra camp. Release has "sister lyrics" to "Pessimist". A song about becoming full of rage when everyone think that they know what's right for you, when they actually don´t even have a clue.

5. Imprisoned Queen (Composer: Tony, Lyrics: Tony & Åsa)

Signature Zephyra sound, with thrashy riff based verse along with a duet by Åsa and Tony. Melodic chorus with soft and emotional vocals by Åsa. Our opening song for most of the gigs in 2012. Tony actually wrote this song and the lyrics about Åsa, when she suffered from a very severe burn out, after a long time of work related stress and emotional pressure after her mother passed away.

6. Kämpaglöd (Composer: Tony)

A short instrumental song that captures the feelings of Kämpaglöd (swedish for fighting spirit). It starts off heavy, and that represents fighting against the wind, then the melodic parts representes the good feelings. It ends with the heavy parts again, like a never ending circle.

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