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BORG QUEEN - Exclusive Premiere Of The Track From Upcoming Album

Terra Relicta Webmagazine is proud to give you an exclusive online presentation of Borg Queen's song "We're All Whores". The song is taken from upcoming debut album entitled Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles, which is set for release on 29th January. Borg Queen is an electro/industrial/goth rock project from Vancouver, BC, Canada, led by multidisciplinary artist Jenny Kirby, an alcoholic stripper who turns musician when she decides to get sober and write a concept album about her experiences in the exotic entertainment industry.

Jenny Kirby the multi-disciplinary artist behind Borg Queen, plays and records all the instruments and does the engineering and production. Jenny started dancing when she was 19 to help pay for art school. Although she successfully completed her education, she fell into addiction along the way. Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles is the story of her downward spiral into a world of addiction, depression and sexual abuse, but the tale doesn't end on a dark note. A surprising twist in the story is that Jenny continues working as a stripper as part of her recovery and healing process. As a sober stripper, she gains valuable insight into the human condition, by observing human behavior at its most primal core.

All ten songs on the album are lessons learned by Jenny studying the subjects in her environment and dissecting the motivations motives of their behavior. The first 5 songs are written from the perspective of an addict trapped in a pit of despair and resentment. The second half of the album is written in a sober voice reflecting a more enlightened point of view. Her music was described as little more sensual than Nine Inch Nails and a little less aggressive than Ministry. What's particularly unique about the project is that for each song Jenny has also done a painting relating the concept of the song visually. Originally, the project began as a series of surrealistic paintings that were a form of art therapy in Jenny's recovery process. As the paint spread across the canvas, lyrics and melodies began to intertwine with imagery eventually evolving into the multidisciplinary art project that is Borg Queen. The paintings can be viewed and purchased as fine art prints on the official website.

In the player below please give a listen to "We're All Whores". Jenny commented about the song: "The entire album is about my experiences as a stripper. "We're All Whores" specifically addresses the judgement strippers get from customers and society as a whole. Because being a sexy woman is part of the job then we automatically get labelled as whores. The truth of the matter is every one is for sale because we've commodified our time, our talents, our skills and physical energy. Everyone sells their body in one way or another, making us all whores 'in our own unique way'."


Borg Queen links: Official website, Facebook