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CREMATORY - Releases Video For The Cover Of !distain's Song "Like The Tides"

German pioneers of European gothic metal, Crematory, have released a heart-wrenching version of the 90s ballad "Like The Tides" along with an atmospherically arranged music video.


NACHTBLUT - Unveils Third Single And Music Video From Upcoming Album

German dark/gothic metallers Nachtblut released now the third single "Meine Grausamkeit Kennt Keine Grenzen" (engl. My Cruelty Knows No Bounds), taken from their forthcoming album...


IMHA TARIKAT - Inked A Record Deal With Lupus Lounge

German black metal band Imha Tarikat have signed a multi-album deal with the Prophey Productions sub-label Lupus Lounge that is dedicated to black metal artists. First release will be...


YMIR - Long Awaited Debut Album Out In November, First Track Available For Streaming

Finnish black metal act Ymir will release on 13th November via Werewolf Records the long awaited debut self-titled album. Ymir's history stretches back to the late 90s. The band originally...


SOMBRIA - Presents First Single And Video From Upcoming Debut Album

Sombria, a new dark melancholic symphonic metal project which has been formed by singer/songwriter Dimi De San who comes under the name Valentina Devin and guitarist/composer...


THOKKIAN VORTEX - New Official Video Released

Norwegian black metallers Thokkian Vortex, fronted by Lord Kaiaphas, the former vocalist of Norwegian black metal act Ancient, unveiled the official video for the song "The Wreathing Serpent"...


SHIBALBA - Presents Another Track From Upcoming Album

Greek/Swedish dark meditative ritualistic ambient band Shibalba, who will release a new studio album titled Nekrologie Sinistrae (Orchestral Noise Opus I) on 2nd October via Agonia Records...


DRACONIAN - Unveils Fourth Single And Lyric Video From Upcoming Album

The Swedish sovereigns of melancholic gothic/doom metal and far-reaching lyrics, Draconian, release their fourth single, "Moon Over Sabaoth", cut from their upcoming studio album...


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In the spotlight


It was back in 2010 when a new beast emerged in Essen, Germany, by two extraordinary artists Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable. Named Aeon Sable it forever changed everything that we thought we knew about dark rock and goth music. The creativity and dexterity of the two musicians, involved in several projects of the German underground scene since 1997, has allowed them to travel to seductively-surprising territory creating an alluring, dark atmosphere that continues to command the attention of the fans in Europe and worldwide. Din-Tah Aeon (guitars, programming, production, instrumentalist-songwriter) and Nino Sable (vocals, lyrics, production, songwriter, graphics and media designer) started Aeon Sable as a studio project only and released the debut album named Per Aspera Ad Astra in February 2010 through Af-music. The album, which was still pretty much influenced by goth rock giants like Fields Of The Nephilim and The Sisters Of Mercy, especially the songs like goth rock monuments "Exodus" or "Sever", on the other side already showed some unique and modern elements ("Agnosia", "At The Edge Of The World") that divided the gothic rock scene, goth elitists never really accepted the sound of Aeon Sable, but those who found goth/dark rock becoming a bit boring and repetitive, gave Aeon Sable a chance.


Awards 2012 - Preliminary Group 6 - Results!

Results from "write in vote" category Preliminary Group 6:

1. Mandragora Scream - Luciferland                                          64 votes    
2. Desdemona - Endorphins                                                         63 votes    
3. Heldentod - The Ghost Machine                                               34 votes    
4. Golden Apes - Riot                                                                     25 votes    
5. Tyler Milchmann - Strange Days                                             21 votes    
6. MelancholicA - Lamentation For A Deprived Desire           15 votes    
7. Molllust - Schuld                                                                         14 votes    
8. Les Discrets - Ariettes Oubliées...                                           12 votes    
9. Antimatter - Fear Of A Unique Identity                                    11 votes    
10. Merciful Nuns - Goetia IV                                                          7 votes    
11. Before The Dawn - Rise Of The Phoenix                                6 votes    
12. Funeral - Oratorium                                                                      5 votes    
13. When Nothing Remains - As All Torn Asunder                       3 votes    
14. Scream Silence - Scream Silence                                           2 votes    
15. Grooving In Green - Stranglehold                                             2 votes    
16. Woods Of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light      2 votes    
17. In Mourning - The Weight Of Oceans                                       2 votes   
18. Virus - Oblivion Clock                                                                1 vote    
19. Poema Arcanus - Transient Chronicles                                  1 vote

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Endezzma - Serpent Earth