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WE ARE THE CATALYST - New Video Released

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Swedish female fronted alternative rockers We Are The Catalyst have released a stunning new video for the song, "Where The Mountain Stands". The video was filmed at a natural historical landmark in Sweden called 'Borrås Skåra', a 100 meter long passage that was created in the middle of a mountain by some natural event long ago. Filmed both with regular camera and drone, it provides strong beautiful pictures perfectly suited for the song.
"Where The Mountain Stands" is a song about pursuing your dreams, being true to yourself, and finding your place in the world. It´s a melancholic, energetic and hopeful rock pop semi-ballad written to encourage people to never stop looking for and fighting for their dreams and what they want out of life.
The third album by fast-rising act We Are The CatalystEphemeral, set for release on 13th February 2019, explores depression, the darkness within us all, hope, loss, dystopian world views and existential themes. Most pronounced on the album is the sense of being just a small cog in the machinery that is the universe. All the struggles, strives, hopes and dreams we all have are generally nothing in the greater scheme of things. Their music can be described as a cohesive mix of various styles, from alternative metal, emotional rock, pop, electronic rock, dark rock and more. Watch the video in the player below. Link