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ATARAXIE - Presents Video For The Opening Track From Upcoming Album

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French extreme doom juggernauts Ataraxie just released a new video for their new album's opening track, "People Swarming, Evil Ruling". The new highly anticipated album, Résignés, will be out on 8th March 2019 through a triumvirate of underground extremists: Deadlight (CD, Europe), Weird Truth (CD, rest of the world) amd Xenokorp (vinyl, cassette, digital).
Résignés, the new album, is all but just "music", it's a painful experience to be suffered by all senses, by all organs, innards... It's not just like swarming in the sewers. It's drowning in an oil spill of cataclysmic proportions where deep growls sound like the last words expectorated through a last breath from oil-filled lungs and screams express the utter madness invading the mind of the soon-to-be-dead, you. Link