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HEXENBRETT - Debut Demo To Be Released This Month Through Caligari Records, Full Stream Available

Caligari Records sets 30th May as the international release date for Hexenbrett's debut demo, Erste Beschwörung, on cassette tape format. Originally self-released at the end of 2018, this first summoning of the macabre Hexenbrett will surely be one of 2019's most nefarious recordings.
Hexenbrett is an entity that provides cemetery sounds exclusively. The first invocation, fittingly entitled Erste Beschwörung, is a sample of what will follow in the future. Roaming ancient dungeons with sword in one hand and torch in the other, Hexenbrett conjures the madness and mysticism of olde-worlde black metal, when unorthodoxy was celebrated and no blueprints yet existed - only paths to be blazed! Indeed does Hexenbrett blaze across this six-song/26-minute offering, remaining firmly rooted in the purest metals but fanning those flames with a creepy, coffin-dwelling atmosphere that puts Erste Beschwörung in a league all its own, also incorporating eldritch doom and deathrock into this wildly bubbling cauldron. And it's early days still...
No boundaries, no limitations: Hexenbrett digs its own unique grave with Erste Beschwörung, and the cemetery is wide-fucking-open. The spell was cast, the demons are here - let the haunting begin! The full haunting can be heard in the player below. Link