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ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENT - Releases Video For The Track From Upcoming Debut Album

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Accidental President, a female-fronted alt-rock three piece playing their own brand of hard rock mixed heavily with goth and metal influences - with a theatrical flair, is set to release their self-titled debut album on Wednesday, 1st July. Today, the band is thrilled to reveal a brand new music video for the track "Rotten Child", to offer a taste of what will hit you.

Accidental President says about "Rotten Child": "Reflecting on childhood, remembering the different perceptions people had, longing to fit in, to integrate, but ultimately feeling outcast."
Currently composed of Bethany Neville on lead vocals, Dave Ben Lee on guitars, and Leon Cadden on drums, Accidental President is at their peak performance. Each band member brings in their own prized talents. In fact, Dave earned a fellowship from London College of Music in Electric Guitar, Leon has been playing drums in successful bands for too many years to count, and Bethany brings in an unmatched vocal talent that has been praised by fans and critics alike. Link