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DANDELION WINE - Announces New Album After 10 Years Of Silence

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Australian ethereal dark electro-folk band Dandelion Wine return with their first album in ten years. The album entitled Le Cœur will be released on 24th July and features the band's trademark tapestry of folk/medieval instruments and female vocals with electronic beats and textured guitars but is augmented with in utero recordings of human hearts and special guests from bands such as Faun and Brillig.

The album will be preceded by the single and video "Pilgrimage" on 4th of July, song of longing and distance that features ethereal female vocals and aching cello soaring out across a bed of glitchy electronics, renaissance lute and Persian frame drums.

The album is a swirling atmospheric journey through loss, anxiety, hope and new life and runs the gamut of experience from dark despair to swirling elation. From the most organic form of rhythm possible, the human heart, to synthetic mechanical beats, Le Cœur is the ultimate melding of human and machine, but the machines are always subservient to the humans in control.

Guests on the album include Rüdiger Maul (Faun) on frame drums and percussion, HakGwai Lau (Chock Ma) on erhu (Chinese two string fiddle), Denni Meredith (from former labelmates Brillig) on bass, Phil Coyle (Trappist Afterland, Deep Water Orchestra) on frame drums and Pete McKeown (The Revenant, Heligoland) on bass and Fender VI. The cover art photography by brilliant Australian photographer Colin Page features three naked and very pregnant women echoing the geometric patterns that pervade the natural world - the kinds of patterns that often only reveal themselves when viewed through a microscope but are, like the humans growing inside them, the essence of life itself.

A lot has changed in the world outside the band too - in 2010 subscription music streaming didn't exist, the UK was still a functioning member of Europe, reality TV megalomaniacs with multiple bankruptcies didn't get to become presidents of powerful countries and no one really cared too much about who coughed near them. However, the need for music that reflects our inner workings has not changed. Link