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ROPE SECT - Debut Full-Length Out Now And Available For Streaming In Full

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German deathrock oriented iconoclasts Rope Sect have released today via Iron Bonehead Productions their highly anticipated debut full-length album entitled The Great Flood. Rope Sect quietly but auspiciously debuted in 2017 with their first EP, Personae Ingratae, released as well by Iron Bonehead. While something of a "dark horse" for the label, Rope Sect's disarmingly Spartan style of deathrock soon found fervent followers around the globe, and word-of-mouth momentum built from there.

Further proving that there were yet further twists to the trio's idiosyncratic sound, the Proselytes 7" followed later in 2017 for Iron Bonehead. Rope Sect also took the stage thereafter, supporting the esteemed likes of Grave Pleasures and King Dude among others.

With almost graceful ease, Rope Sect deliver their stunning debut album, aptly titled The Great Flood. Indeed, this first full-length floods the listener with a vast array of sounds and textures, paradoxically pulled tighter and in a more monochromatic manner. It is a record of stark contrasts, subtly drawn together: more delicate vs. more driving, more melody vs. more motorik, shimmering atmosphere vs. clanging minimalism, sharp stabs vs. smooth caresses. Each of these ten songs feels like something old - an old song, an old feeling, an old friend - brought back to life and revamped into a ghost of itself, perversely inviting but portending great gloom'n'doom. Rope Sect, now more ever, are existing in their own bleak and brilliantly rarefied world. The entire album is now available for streaming and you can hear it in the player below. Link