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ORPLID - German Neofolk Duo Presents New Single

German neofolk duo Orplid have revealed the new single "Dunkle Stunde" taken from their forthcoming full-length Deus Vult, which has been scheduled for release on 25th September via Prophecy Productions. The track is featuring legenday East German singer Katrin Lindner.

Orplid vocalist Uwe Nolte comments: "The song "Dunkle Stunde" is both an attempt and a temptation to try and give a valid image to melancholy. A major contribution to this artistic endeavour has been gifted by iconic GDR-vocalist Katrin Lindner: With her mastery and expressive emotionality she has clearly left her mark in this track that has also been influenced by jazz and trip-hop. Never before has sadness sounded so full of beauty!"

Orplid are the lyrical and musical embodiment of the German neofolk scene. With their eyes firmly on the past, the duo consisting of poet and singer Uwe Nolte as well as composer and multi-instrumentalist Frank Machau joined forces in 1996 in the Eastern German town of Halle at the river Saale.

Deus Vult (Latin: "As God wills"), the infamous motto of the Christian knights, sometimes used to justify ghastly massacres, originates from the First Crusade in 1096. Orplid chose this motto deliberately as the title of their seventh full-length to illustrate a prominent motive running through their work: fighting and dying for a cause. Link