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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2014

01. Whispers In The Shadow - Beyond The Cycles Of Time
02. Order Of Isaz
- Seven Years Of Famine
03. Laibach
- Spectre
04. Alcest
- Shelter
Diary Of Dreams - Elegies In Darkness
06. Ares Descending
- January
Aenaon - Extance
08. Naked Lunch
- Beyond Planets
Woods Of Desolation - As The Stars
10. Lenore S. Fingers
- Inner Tales


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MORTARIUM - Brand New Song Streaming Online

MORTARIUM - Brand New Song Streaming OnlineBrazilian all female doom trio Mortarium, which consists of Julie Sousa (drums), Tainá Domingues (guitar and guttural vocal) and Vivi Alves (bass and vocals) are streaming on their official website a brand new single "My Distress". The trio, which formed in 2008 and went through some line-up changes is now in the process of recording their first full lenght studio album. Listen to "My Distress" at this location. Link

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