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SHEARER - New Album Out Soon

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German guerilla rockers Shearer return after three years! This time much darker than on their previous three studio albums. Bands new studio output, weirdly entitled Duck On Cover will be released on 10th May by AF-music. Thematics of the album deal mostly with questions about life and beign, but there are also more oppressive visions and crushing fears. Duck On Cover is also the most honest and most polished but also the rawest Shearer-album so far. Album is already available for streaming on Bandcamp. Tracklisting and album cover can be seen below. Link

01. War Machine
02. Without Your Ghost
03. No Love
04. Let Go
05. The Future Is Lost
06. Nothing To Keep Me
07. I'll Be Right Behind You, Josephine
08. Insides, Outsides
09. Miniscule
10. Julia
11. Mindset
12. Brown Eyes