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MOTHERMOUND - Details About Debut Album, Available For Streaming

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Obscure quartet from Slovenia, Mothermound, have made available for streaming their highly anticipated debut album entitled The Burden Of Tomorrow. Album was released on 22nd November through Hollow Earth Records and is available on digipack CD and as "name your price" digital download from Bandcamp. The Burden Of Tomorrow features guest presences as Nika Hribar, who played flute on "Aurora Awaken" and Jovana Backović who granted with vocals on "Curtains Fall". The band produced the album by themselves at Gumakura Studio, Tolmin, Slovenia. It was mixed by bands vocalist/bassist Janez Zega, assisted by Dejan Sarič and mastered by Marko Turel at Phonda studio, Slovenia. Tracklisting, cover artwork and the full album stream are available below.
In case you didn't know, origins of the band reach way back into 1995, when they were active as a trio under the name Expulsion. The band disbanded in 2005 and until then they've released two demo recordings and an album entitled In These Glorious Epitaphs. They reunited in a new line-up in 2009, this time as a four piece with a new name. Music-wise they continue to stick to the previously set guidelines, a sort of progressive mixture of doom and death metal with a hint of 90's rock. With bands like Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Opeth and early Paradise Lost on your mind, you just can't get much wrong here. So, why don't you listen for yourself and explore what kind of darkness Mothermound brings. Link

The Burden Of Tomorrow tracklisting:
01. Aurora Awaken
02. Come The Moonlight, Come The Rain
03. Lady Violet
04. Beings Beyond Being
05. A Murder Of Angels
06. Dogma Defiled
07. Omega Omnipresent
08. The Path I Cross
09. Curtains Fall