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MIASM - Debut Album Available On Bandcamp

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USA based dark art rockers Miasm have released a debut album entitled The Dark Roads, or if beign precise is an album in the making as the songs are uploaded as they are finished. The missing pieces to this conceptual album will reveal themselves over the next few months.
Miasm is the latest project from musician and sound sculpture artist Jeremiah Savage. A journey of dreams extracted from the void, lusty connections in the miasm of thought; shaped by philosophy, art, literature, science, myths, emotions, madness and life experience exploited in tandem through progressing music structures that evolve with ideas. Structures are familiar like a broken memory or a remembered dream but progress like a poem, book or film. A world inside, created with eyes closed. Listen below in Bandcamp player the song "Ship Of Theseus". Album is available as "name your price" digital download from Bandcamp. Link