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ARCTURUS - Recording The New Album

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Disbanded in 2007, Arcturus has risen from ashes in 2011 and ever since we have been waiting for what is to come. The legendary Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg already recorded the drums for the upcoming album in 2013 and now short, but sweet news came from the band. ┬╗Recording vocals!┬ź is all the band members had to say. Let's remember it has been nine years since Sideshow Symphonies has been released in 2005 and the fans are surely eager for some new material. Meanwhile on 3rd June this year the band is set to release Shipwrecked In Oslo, a live album, recorded in Sonic Solstice Festival on 24th September 2014 on limited CD and double LP (click on the picture to enlarge the cover artwork). Link