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IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT - Signed A Deal With Code666, Collection Of Early Tracks Out In June

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New York City iconoclastic black metallers Imperial Triumphant, who recently signed with Code666, will release on 23rd June a collection of their obscure, independent early works under the title Shrine To The Trident Throne. The band was formed in 2005 and consists of New York City futurists transcending the confines of modern black metal and includes members of investigational death metal contortionists Pyrrhon as well as instrumental rock collective Secret Chiefs 3 and New York death metal legion Malignancy. Citing influences from Deathspell Omega to Polish post-serialism composer Krzysztof Penderecki, Imperial Triumphant is now working on their new album, Abyssal Gods, scheduled for early 2015. Imperial Triumphant last release was a two track EP entitled Goliath which was released in October last year. Below you can watch the video for the track "Crushing The Idol", directed by BVZA (Brendan Vaughan and Zac Adams). Link