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ARCTIC SLEEP - Upcoming Album Details, Video Teaser Online

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USA progressive atmospheric doomsters Arctic Sleep will self release their sixth full-lenght album entitled Passage Of Gaia on 21st August 2014. Arctic Sleep has been making music for almost 10 years now and has never dealt with anything like record deals, managers, etc..., everything was done independently straight from them. The band comments: "All of our albums have been self-released. For us, it is all about making the music we love, and connecting with people around the world that love it too. This has always been a labor of love for us, driven by our need to create and our devotion to our fans."
The upcoming album, Passage Of Gaia, features guest vocalist Emily Jancetic who was lead singer in a band called Holy Roman Empire and has done vocals in other notable acts. Cover artwork was done by Jennifer Weiler, while the rest of the graphic design was done by Craig from Housewithoutwalls Design. Production is done by recording-wizard Joel Wanasek who already produced/recorded three of the previous albums. The music will appeal to anyone who loves huge and crushingly heavy sounds, but also appreciate melodic songwriting and atmospheric beauty as well. Check out the album video teaser below. Link