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GARDEN OF DELIGHT - Another One Of Legendary Albums To Be Rediscovered

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Another one of the classic gothic rock releases of legendary Germans Garden Of Delight will be reissued, or how they name it rediscovered. Now it's the time for 1993's Sargonid Seal. The current re-mastered version exhibits the original studio album in a new sound. By applying the most up-date studio technology alongside the original sound equipment the primary focus remained firmly on the best possible re-creation of the original analogue recordings and thus resulting in the most authentic match for the sound quality which has distinguished this music since its inception and original publication in the year 1993. Sargonid Seal (rediscovered 2014) will be released by Solar Lodge on 21th November, with pre-orders starting to ship on 7th November, so pre order your copy now at this location and have it two weeks before the official release. Link