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SHINO - Live Album Available For Streaming

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Minsk (Belarus) based one man band Shino have made available their upcoming live album Wirbelsturm (Die Russisch-Deutsche Sammlung) for streaming in it's entirety online on bandcamp and soundcloud. This album will be officially released on September 25th via AF-music.

Here's the official info about this album: With Wirbelsturm ("whirlwind") Shino comes up with a "live" album of a special kind. The album was recorded almost in one turn, with the focus on the authenticity, not on artificial sound quality. Wirbelsturm consists a lot of cover versions of russian songs, which mean a lot to Shino, amongst others from Chaif, Grazhdanskaya Oborona and Kino. This all was recorded with a classic guitar and brings the listener into the situation, to experience the songs spontaneous, like nothing was planned, as oneself would walk through the streets and on a corner someone would just start playing. Wirbelsturm is a gift to all the lovers of extraordinary music, who especially appreciate its authenticity. Link