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ALTERNATIVE 4 - Reissue Of Debut Album

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Prophecy Productions will reissue Alternative 4's last year in November released debut album The Brink on 23rd November 2012. The premium edition comes in digipak format along with both a bonus CD and DVD, the former containing a concert performance recorded in Istanbul as well as three previously unreleased remixes of album tracks, the latter two music videos for "Underlooked" and "False Light" plus a live video of "Still Waters". This marks a new era for this project under a new label. Alternative 4 was founded by Duncan Patterson (ex. Anathema, ex. Antimatter, Ion,...), accompanied by Mark Kelson (The Eternal) and Mauro Frison. There are also some news about bands second album and first for Prophecy Productions which has already got a title The Obscurants and it'll be released next year. If you haven't yet, then check out amazing album The Brink. Link