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EFFA LENTE - First Teaser For The Forthcoming Album Released

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Effa Lente, a project conceived by David Alfred Reilly, a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, and the former lead guitarist of Irish doom metal band, Graveyard Dirt, just released a video teaser for the forthcoming debut entitled The Effa Lente Configuration: Parts 1-4 and you can hear it below. It's a little difficult to follow the norm considering that The Effa Lente Configuration: Parts 1-4 is a 44.5 minute, one track album. Usually you'd hear at least one single at some point leading to the release of a new album, but in this instance, that would be mean pre-releasing a full album. Instead, Effa Lente mastermind David Alfred Reilly will post three teasers, one per week on the lead up to the release on 14th August. And although the album is meant to be heard as one piece, these teasers will offer a brief snapshot in time as the album travels across just one of the many soundscapes contained. More informations about Effa Lente were previously posted over HERE. Link