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INDIVIA - Inked A Deal With Argonauta Records

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Italian label Argonauta Records and Italian doom trio Indivia inked a record deal for a future collaboration. Indivia arises in a basement somewhere between the lowlands of Padova (Italy), during the autumn of 2012, due to the meeting between Andrea (guitar) and Nathalie (drums). In 2013, after the consequent entry of Diego (bass), the power trio starts organizing gigs under a fake name (Wedge), releasing its first 4-track EP Belladonna (totally self-released) in 2014.
In December 2015 the band recorded the second album, Horta, still unreleased. The trio plays a blackened version of stoner doom through an experimental and hypnotic mood, highlighting the monolithic wall of sound, being influenced by bands as Sleep, Black Sabbath, Conan,... accompanied by green vibrations coming from the underground, raw fuzz, pierced eardrums, and vinegar. The new album is scheduled by autumn 2016, while the first single “The Green Planet” is available at this location. Link