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R.C. KOZLETSKY - Ultra-Limited Edition Tape Released

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R.C. Kozletsky has released his first eponymous album, Pulsed In A Dull Glass Bell, as a limited cassette only release on Danvers State Recordings. Their album blurb states: "The man behind Apocryphos and one half of Shock Frontier brings us 40 minutes of sheer aural horror.  Recorded sporadically in the basement of Oneiros Laboratory during 2014, Pulsed in a Dull Glass Bell symbolizes one's own inner turmoil and battling against a mentally deteriorated state.  Suffocating drone walls, delirious, off-kilter effects and subtle use of harmony create a horrifying soundtrack to mental degeneration.  Cover art by Pär Boström of Kammarheit.  50 copies." Link.

Pulsed In A Dull Glass Bell tracklist:
01. The Paling Of Bones
02. Trooping The Rim Of My Skull
03. Pulsed In A Dull Glass Bell