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AEON SABLE - Shares A Live Video Of Their Entire Show

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German post goth/dark rock masters Aeon Sable recently recorded their show at Dark Autumn II festival which was held on 7th October in Bielefeld (Germany) and now they are sharing it with their fans.
The band comments: "A few days ago we rocked in Bielefeld. For internal purposes we recorded it. The audio and video isn't the best. Keep in mind that this is not a substitution to a visit on one of our shows - but we guess you'll like it anyway. Enjoy and come to our shows!"
The next stop for Aeon Sable will be on Samaïn Fest 2016 (28., 29. October in La Mézière, France). In other news, Aeon Sable are now also busy on working on their next album, a successor to the masterpiece Hypaerion which was released in March this year through Solar Lodge Records. Watch the live video in the player below. Link