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AKOMA - Inked A Deal With Massacre Records

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Denmark's leading female fronted symphonic metal outfit Akoma signed a record deal with Massacre Records and will release its debut album entitled Revangels on 13th January 2017. Akoma is around since 2004, and was formed by vocalist Tanya Bell and guitarist Morten Bell. They already released a promo CD (2007) as well as two EPs (2006, 2012), which were all well received.
With the forthcoming debut album, Akoma wants to show their fans a new side of the band while staying true to their signature sound. From atmospheric sounds and soprano vocals to epic battle horns and heavy guitar riffs. Akoma are vocalist Tanya Bell, guitarist Morten Bell, guitarist Andreas Pedersen, bassist Stefan Nielsen and drummer Rune Frisch. More news and album details are expected soon. Link