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SUFFER YOURSELF - Sophomore Album Out Soon, First Details Unveiled

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Polish quartet Suffer Yourself will release their sophomore album entitled Ectoplasm on 25th November via Cimmerian Shade Recordings. Suffer Yourself are playing captivating blend of doom, funeral and death metal. This is instantly reminiscent of bands like Catacombs, Hierophant, Skepticism, Thergothon, Dusk and even Disembowelment. The music is having a coarse quality and yet remains magnificent in its expression. Supremely atmospheric, it immediately transports you to a bleak and desolated area, where you find yourself reflecting upon the hopelessness of humanity. It also acts as a strange salve with its inherent melodies, a reminder of beauty against the backdrop of futility. Ectoplasm will be released on a digipak CD and cassette, vinyl edition will follow in early 2017.
During its history, Suffer Yourself has existed in several locations. It was founded in Poland in 2011, then moved to Ukraine, where it developed a loyal following and played number of concerts, finally ending up in Linköping, Sweden, where it received fresh blood in the form of new local members Lars Abrahamsson (guitar) and Malcolm Sohlen (bass). The first album, Inner Sanctum, was released in 2014 as well by Cimmerian Shade recordings. The new album, Ectoplasm, is a continuation of the path started on Inner Sanctum, but with a slightly different feel, this time with a more aggressive, but also darker sound. The songs are filled with occult themes, dark matters and ambient parts, touching on themes of non-existence, spiritual experiences, the infinity of space and unrecoverable loss. More album details and tracks available for streaming are expected soon. Link

Ectoplasm tracklist:
01. Ectoplasm
02. Abysmal Emptiness
03. The Core
04. Dead Visions
05. Transcend The Void