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IT-CLINGS - Free Download Of A New Song

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Canadian outfit It-Clings has recently released the long awaited album I'm The Biggest Fucking Thing In The Whole Fucking World through Bugs Crawling Out Of People record label. Expect nothing else than one of the weirdest music out there labeled as spoken wordcore which combines thousands of different genres from dark ambient, spoken words, electronic, rock, industrial and much more. Album features eighteen tracks on two discs with many guests as Greg Kowalczyk (CompUterus), Dan Barrett (Worms Of The Earth), Bart Piette (Dead Man's Hill), Jorge Oliveira (Thermidor), Justin Brink (Pneumatic Detach), en & arc (dym), Autovoice, Adam Edge (Razor Edge), Yann Faussurier (Iszoloscope, Memmaker), Nick Gorman (Fractured), Jonny Darko (Receiver), Fred S. (Katastroslavia), James Church (Lucidstatic), Ethan Moseley (Promonium Jesters), & Jonbob. HERE you can download for free one song from the album and below watch the promo video for I'm The Biggest Fucking Thing In The Whole Fucking World. Link