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TAAKE - Announces UK Tour Dates

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With their appearance in London at the end of last year having sold out almost immediately, Norwegian black metallers Taake have announced that they will return to the UK to play the following four dates in April alongside UK favourites Fen and De Profundis. Due to other upcoming commitments Fen are unable to do the London show and will be replaced by Winterfylleth.
With over two decades of experience, both in the studio and on the stage, Taake, or more precisely, the band's formidable founder and frontman Hoest, has acquired almost legendary status. Never abandoning the origins of Norwegian black metal, Hoest still manages to innovate and surprise fans the world-over, and, in a long-lasting collaboration with Dark Essence Records, consistently produces albums that are considered to be classics in their genre. Hoest's powerful persona and mesmerising stage presence makes Taake much sought after on the live circuit, with 2017 already gearing up to be as busy as the previous year. As well as the four UK dates have already been confirmed for various festival appearances over the coming year. Link