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DEAD WOMAN'S DITCH - Inked A Deal With Third I Rex, Debut Album Out In August

UK based doomsters Dead Woman's Ditch have signed a record deal with Third I Rex and are going to release a new album this summer. Dead Woman's Ditch was originally conceived by Glenn Charman as a side project during his two years playing bass and touring with Electric Wizard. The experimental heavy yet sleazy sound evolved and developed with an undertow of doom and black metal but with slivers of punk, noise and folk. The name was chosen by the band due to their interest in Somerset's rich, dark history and folklore. Dead Woman's Ditch is an Iron Age earthworks on the Quantock Hills with a dark and tragic history: In 1789 John Walford murdered his wife and dumped her body at Dead Woman's Ditch. Her body was strung up a mile away, at a spot now named Walfords' Gibbet... it was left to rot for a year and a day. The ditch is an outer defense attached to Dowsborough Camp, an iron age hillfort. King Alfred's Herepath or army road runs through the site. The fort is also known as Danesbury in reference to a massacre of Viking invaders. It's said the ghost of a Viking child executed shortly after the massacre can be heard from time to time. Between Dead Womans Ditch and Walfords Gibbet lies Shervage woods - once home to "The Gurt Wurm", an ancient english dragon with a girth of two Oaks. Shervage woods are also home to Wayland's Pool, which is traditionally where the smith god cooled the horseshoes he made to shoe the horses of the Wild Hunt, Odin's nocturnal ride across the skies to search for the souls of the damned.
Third I Rex will release the new album of Dead Woman's Ditch entitled Seo Mere Saetan in August. With their upcoming full-length Dead Woman's Ditch are going to release one of the darkest extreme metal albums of the year. Artwork for the album was done by Mark Skinny Orton and Luciana Nedelea. Front cover artwork can be seen below. Link