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AEON SABLE - Entire Show At Wave Gothic Treffen Available Online

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German dark rock masters Aeon Sable made available for viewing to their fans and for those who couldn't attent their recent show at Wave Gothic Treffen Festival on 2nd June, a nice surprise. The whole show is now available on YouTube and you can see their performance in the player below.
Aeon Sable's frontman Nino Sable commented: "Been there - done that! well, it was a "sold out" show, they did not let anybody in anymore because the hall was full, at least the securities did not let poeple in anymore because it was completely full, around 1600 people. And it was awesome, everything was perfect, we had our own light and sound crew, yet the sound on the video may not be perfect but inside the hall no one was mourning, even though it was very hot in the venue... around 40 degrees." Link