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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2018

01. Dimmu Borgir -
02. Amorphis -
Queen Of Time
03. Summoning -
With Doom We Come
04. MGT -
Gemini Nyte
05. Soul Dissolution -
06. Crone -
07. Midas Fall -
08. Collapse Of Light -
Each Failing Step
09. Mournful Congregation -
The Incubus Of Karma
10. Auri -


Random album

RIVER OF SOULS - Debut Album Out In September, Details Revealed

Dutch doom/death metal band River Of Souls will release on 2nd September as a self-release their debut album entitled The Well Of Urd. This concept album consists of 6 tracks/50 minutes revolving around lyrical themes like our everlasting fate, the binding forces of order and chaos, the inevitable journey through the Unlight and rebirth through death.
Most members of River Of Souls have an extensive musical history playing in bands in the death, black and thrash metal genres: e.g. Sinister, Warchitect, Judgement Day, Infinited Hate, World Funeral, Supreme Pain, and more. Guitarist Ingmar currently also plays in Codex and Skeletor.
River Of Souls initially started as a nameless personal project of Paul Beltman, with the intention to create guitar-oriented death/doom with a wide array of influences: an alloy of all styles of metal and rock made in the past four decades, cast into early 80s NWOBHM arrangements. Both oldschool and modern, diverse, heavy and atmospheric without the necessary use of keyboards. After composing about 60 minutes of music, Paul was looking for reinforcements to complete this work. Benjamin (bass), Ingmar (guitar) and Bart (vocals) joined him and in 2014, River Of Souls was formed.
The band comments about their influences: "These bands definitely defined our sound, but we don't particularly sound like any of them: Memento Mori, Iron Maiden, My Dying Bride, Winter, Cathedral, Metallica, Ulver, Alcest, Tool, Mercyful Fate, Opeth, Orphanage, Satyricon, Katatonia, Morbid Angel, Pink Floyd, Annihilator, CoffinWorm, Testament, Danzig, Black Sabbath, Edge Of Sanity's Crimson, Dissection, and the list goes on and on and on..." In the player below you can give a listen to the track named "The Unbending One" and in the second one you can check out the album teaser. Link