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SACRILEGIOUS RITE - Debut Album Out In November

German black metal band Sacrilegious Rite will release on 13th November via Dunkelheit Produktionen their highly anticipated debut album entitled Summoned From Beyond. Although a seemingly brand-new name, Sacrilegious Rite's history stretches back to the '90s, when the band was formed following the break-up of Captis Damnare, who were active from 1999-2010. The remaining members Sumnor Amdis and E.I.-M. moved on to take a new path matching their interests and visions more than Captis Damnare ever did or could do.
Sacrilegious Rite hereby present their first full-length, aptly titled Summoned From Beyond. A work of both grimy physicality and mystical aura, Sacrilegious Rite fully embody the ancient spirit of black metal's yesteryears. By no means "retro"-minded nor completely against regressionism, the quartet conjure a pulsing bestiality cloaked in fog and sulfur, nodding as much to the early 90s Greek scene as they do South American wildness from the 80s. However, solid songwriting reigns supreme across Summoned From Beyond, and each of the eight central tracks (notwithstanding the mood-establishing intro and outro) patiently unfolds to envelop the listener in an orgy of vociferous violence and malignant majesty. Some of the tracks from the debut, Summoned From Beyond, can already be heard in the player below. Link