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BURIAL GRID - Debut Album Out Soon, Two Tracks Available For Streaming

Northampton, Massachusetts (USA) based horrorsynth/retrosynth project Burial Grid will release on 20th April its debut album entitled Where We Go. The album is an instrumental soundtrack to real life unsolved murders inspired equally by early doom metal and 70s/80s synthesizer horror film scores, the album will be self-released.
Burial Grid is the result of over 600 years worth of somnambulist, ugly slumber on pebbled surfaces. A slumber punctuated by the stirring of over 20 decades worth of horror, science fiction, and esoteric cinema leaking into its pitch-shifted periphery. A slumber that, upon finally waking from, It found ghastly bed sores with oscillators, keys, and old knobbed machinery tumbling out of it's hide in slick, wet polyphony.
The man behind Burial Grid, Adam Kozak, commented: "Where We Go was spontaneously generated during a three-week period of bed-rest and recovery from a mis-diagnosis of diverticulitis. A three-week period marked by isolation, growing health-paranoia and body horror, and an obsession with high profile stories of those among us who have shuffled from this plane in mysterious, grisly, and unexplainable means. Where We Go is referential to and inspired by the desolate Hinterkaifeck Murders, Elisa Lam's surreal fate, the breakdown and vanishing of Lars Mittank, the Nevada desert swallowing Kenny Veach without a trace, the inexplicably inhuman mutilation of an unidentified man in Rio De Janeiro, the notoriously self-chronicled disappearance of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, Olivia Mabel's maudlin disintegration after her child's death, and the terrifying brutality of Houston's Icebox Murders. This is the all-hardware, vintage synthesizer score to a real-life horror anthology."
In the players below you can give a listen to two tracks from the album, "Guaraparinga 1988" and "Varna Airport". Link