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RIGOR SARDONICOUS - Unveil First Track From Upcoming EP

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American funeral doom metal band Rigor Sardonicous will release new EP entitled Ridenti Mortuus, in remembrance of the cessation of World War I, on 11th November. First track, "The Smiling Dead" is now revealed and you can hear it in the player below.
Rigor Sardonicous draws from truly apocalyptic sources for their inspiration and forward into this void a sonic atmosphere not of frightened and depressive apprehension, but rather of frightening, horrific bleakness drawn from the perspective of the absence of hope for all life.
Conceived in the late 80s and cast forth in the early 90s from the ashes of a former band, Rigor Sardonicous consists of Glenn Hampton on bass and Joseph Fogarazzo on guitar and vocals. Link