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GITANE DEMONE QUARTET - New Album Out Soon, Details Revealed

Los Angeles based four death rock/post-punk/goth veterans united under the name Gitane Demone Quartet announced that their new album, Substrata Strip, will be released on Friday, 16th November via Germany's Dark Vinyl Records. This is the second album for this adventurous foursome, featuring the talents of the inimitable dark chanteuse Gitane Demone (Christian Death, The Crystelles, Pompeii 99), Rikk Agnew (Adolescents, Christian Death), Paul Roessler (Screamers, 45 Grave) and Deb Venom (Aunty Trust). The group's acclaimed 2016 debut, Past The Sun, saw them forging a powerful new sound to match the band's illustrious pedigree. With Substrata Strip, Gitane Demone Quartet reaches for daring heights of experimentation that pay off with stunning results.
"There's a lot of darkness to explore in this album, which should surprise nobody", Gitane Demone says, "but there's also a love inherent in the chemistry of this band that, for us, is absolutely transcendent, and speaks to who we are as artists and individuals. It's a very special bond that has made this one of the most rewarding projects I've ever worked on. The proof is in every track on Substrata Strip."
Producer and keyboardist Paul Roessler agrees. "Things happen in this band that just work, in ways that wouldn't have in other bands I've been in", he says. "Gitane took a piece of music I wrote in 1979 — "Over The High Side" — and was never able to write lyrics to, and just ignored the 5/4 time signature and sang 4/4 over it. Genius."
From the tragedy of "Douglas Street" to the haunting "Bells For Barbara", the lush beauty of "Amaranthene" to the cosmic experimentation of "Retrospekt" — their own arrangement of a classic Sun Ra piece — Substrata Strip shows the band maturing and reaching into newer, more complicated realms while losing none of its visceral impact. "Amaranthene", the unexpected standout track on this album, sees the band at its most accessible yet, even flirting, however slightly, with the girl-group sound of the '60s, but with Demone's unique lyrical and vocal spin providing a kaleidoscope of emotions never dreamt of by that era's sirens.
Those who have had the unique pleasure of seeing Gitane Demone Quartet live know that the sheer power that this ensemble unleashes onstage cannot possibly be harnessed onto disc. But though the visionary brilliance of keyboardist and producer Paul Roessler, who recorded the album at his own famed Kitten Robot studios, Substrata Strip is as close as it gets. Let it into your guts... because for better or worse, you deserve it. Tracklist and cover artwork are below. Link

Substrata Strip tracklist:
01. Douglas Street
02. Over The High Side
03. Bells For Barbara
04. Amaranthene
05. Kill War (Reality)
06. Retrospekt
07. Prayer For Peace (Spiritual)
08. Substrata Strip