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CROOKED GHOST - Sophomore Album Out Tomorrow, New Video Released

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Seattle (USA) based dreamy post-punk rockers Crooked Ghost will release tomorrow their new album entitled Skeleton House via Palomino Records. Skeleton House is the band's sophomore long-play - a dark and hazy dreamscape of lush and angular melody, with a stark lyrical rawness touching upon such subjects as addiction, trauma, loss, superstition, and everything that gets left behind after a catastrophic event. The album consists of eight tracks, ranging from dreamy and playful to anguished and harrowing. Billowing vocal patterns weave intricate stories between shimmering guitar crescendos, cascading synths and mathematical percussion. Watch the video for "Sleepwalker" in the player below or listen to the entire album at this location.
This album follows up their debut album Strange Burial Rituals, released in March 2017. This new offering has two distinct halves: the first is lighter, the second darker. The whole thing plays out like a story, or rather, two opposite stories that are intertwined. Link