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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2017

01. Lacrimosa
- Testimonium
02. Sólstafir
- Berdreyminn
03. Soror Dolorosa
- Apollo
04. Ulver
- The Assassination Of Julius Caesar
05. Myrkur
- Mareridt
06. Sun Of The Sleepless
- To The Elements
07. Moonspell
- 1755
08. Au Champ Des Morts
- Dans La Joie
09. Andras
- Reminiszenzen...
10. Svartsinn
- Mørkets Variabler


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Place4Tears - Whales Don't Cry For Suicide u.p. (2013) - Review

Band: Place4Tears
Album title: Whales Don't Cry For Suicide u.p.
Release date: 12 April 2013
Label: Danse Macabre Records

01. My Private Beginning
02. Keep Me Back - shadow reflections version by Shadow Image
03. Dream Sequence - nemesis remix by Reactive Black
04. Field #4
05. Tears Of Avalon - rain of tears mix by Sean Bowley
06. Septembers Breath - coverversion by The Mescaline Babies
07. The Other Side - featuring The Spiritual Bat
08. Illusion - german version by Oberer Totpunkt
09. Little Lovesong - version 2013
10. Be Mine - coverversion by Sweet Sister Pain
11. Illusion - archway towers mix by Mark Douglas
12. Princess Valium - demoncasted by Demoncast
13. Septembers Breath - version by Verney 1826
14. Hidden Scream
15. Illusion - TxB mix by Tragic Black
16. Be A Queen - mixed by Manzana Oscura
17. Septembers Breath - german version by Daniel Colletti's Electric Bat Cave
18. Where The Chosen Get Chosen

German quartet Place4Tears have split up in the beginning of this year and what could be a better tribute to their work than this release, which is something between a new album and a compilation of remixes and covers. Place4Tears have made some amazing music in their decade long career and certainly brought to the goth scene some splendour with their so called cold-heavenly-goth music. This release, even if it's mostly compiled by remixes, just screams out the spirit of Place4Tears and I believe that fans of the band got a reward that they deserved. This jewel features 18 tracks and comes in a splendid king-size-jewel box, not to tell you that it was mastered by Bruno Kramm (owner of the label Danse Macabre and one half of legendary electro/industrial act Das Ich).

So, what we got is something that can be called a journey through so many different sounds. Of course that Place4Tears take the part with five until now unreleased tracks, but those have a status more of a divider between tracks, still there's that typical ethereal vibe present in "Little Lovesong", where Tyves Obens voice must give you some shivers, or in the conclusive "Where The Chosen Get Chosen" with its gloomy and scary ambiance. Other tracks are covers or remixes of Place4Tears most significant album The Silent Flame, released back in 2006. The musical spectrum present on Whales Don't Cry For Suicide u.p. (u.p. means unexpected play) will appeal to many types of gothsters as the styles featured in here ranges from shoegaze, darkwave, industrial, post-punk. goth rock and even metal. There are moments when the listener get seduced with the emotional, yet melancholic beneficent ambiental sounds, some post-punk and there are also aggressive parts at the edge of metal or harsh industrial, still everything made by a huge creative passion. From my point of view almost each track deserves its attention, even if some don't reach the high level of others, but to be precise, that's the matter of taste.

The tracks that I'll expose, because those appealed to me more than others, are an amazing and strong in atmosphere, almost goth metalic version of "Dream Sequence", with interesting vocal approach, done by Reactive Black. Then I've got hooked by great ambiance of Sean Bowley's remix "Tears Of Avalon", soon there follows mind blowing and melancholic "The Other Side" with special feature by The Spiritual Bat. Also sparkling and dark vocal duet in the cover-version of "Be Mine", done by Sweet Sister Pain is captivating, not to mention the greatness of dark-pop-industrial-atmospheric "demoncasted" version of "Princess Valium" by this years Danse Macabre Israeli revelation Demoncast. Obscure version of "Septembers Breath" by Verney 1826 and its neoclassical-industrial vibe twists the things a little bit with its coldness, also the remix of "Be A Queen" by Manzana Oscura follows the same abysmal trail and surprises with another dose of mesmerizing and cold dark ambiance.

There's pretty much music for different tastes and like said before it's just a matter of taste which track will appeal you more. So, that's almost it from now dead legend Place4Tears, although still three EP's with unreleased material are on its way (the first one entitled Illusion was already released this June) and yes, the mastermind Tyves Oben has a new project called Scarless Arms. To go back to the reviewed release, I must say that this album or better said compilation is a must for all lovers of dark sounds, it's very well compiled testimony!

Review written by: T.V.
Rating: N/A


Recommended by Terra Relicta

Band: Darkher
Album title: Realms
Release date: 19 August 2016
Label: Prophecy Productions

Darkher's music is one of those captivating, highly atmospheric, unpretentiously dark and absolutely emotive sonic creations meant to feed your spirit. Jayn's songs are simply mesmerizing, beautiful, fragile, but at the same time there's present some kind of horror, intense veil of darkness and huge amount of almost raw power brought to the surface by stormy wall of guitar sound. The album features nine distinctive, dynamic and dramatic tracks that are impossible to resist. Realms can bring into listeners senses many different states of emotion, from dreadful angst, horror and fear, to immense beauty and calmness of mind, it's a glimmering of hope for the lost ones, but it can be as well a manace for others. It brings warmth when needed, but as well it glazes with freezing icing over your body. Darkher made a truly transcedental album that can't be really compared to anything done before, it's a sonic journey for your mind and soul.

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