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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2017

01. Ulver -
The Assassination Of Julius Caesar
02. Au Champ Des Morts -
Dans La Joie
03. Isenordal -
Shores Of Mourning
04. Heretoir -
The Circle
05. Peter Bjärgö -
Animus Retinentia
06. Au-Dessus -
End Of Chapter
07. Northumbria -
08. Shibalba -
Psychostasis-Death Of Khat
09. Cult Of Erinyes -
10. Saille -


Random album

Vita Nova - Vita Nova (2013) - Review

Band: Vita Nova
Album title: Vita Nova
Release date: 28 October 2013
Label: Self-released

01. Alone (Part I)
02. Taking On The World (Radio version)
03. Vita Nova
04. Scary Place
05. On Christmas Day
06. Ephemeral
07. Alone (Part II)
08. Taking On The World (Album version)
09. Scary Place (Alternate version)
10. Taking On The World (Electro-Acoustic version)

This self-titled debut album from USA - Italian project was one of the most anticipated albums in the field of female fronted symphonic/gothic metal this year. If you haven't heard about them yet, then let me tell you that Vita Nova is a project started by LA based singer and composer VK-Lynne, better known by her solo career, as well as she's a part of LA metallers stOrk and together with Mary Zimmer (Luna Mortis), she's a second half of Glittermortis, not to mention other contributions, duets, etc..., the other founder is Italian guitarist Federico Salerno, known from goth/prog metal outfit Deva. And what we got here is a pretty decent female fronted symphonic/gothic metal album, consisting of five proper songs, an intro and outro, plus three alternate versions of two hit tracks.

Vita Nova glitters because of the impeccable technical skills of all involved musicians, red haired VK Lynne has a very powerful and if needed even emotional, yet unique voice, that at moments gives shivers, and Federico is one hell of a talented guitarist, you'll be amazed when you'll hear some solos and catchy riffs on this release. Also the rest of the team is fantastic, not to mention some very honourable guest artists that contributed on here, like Kerstin Bischof (Ex-Xandria), Grace Meridan (Shield Of Wings), Maxi Nil (Visions Of Atlantis), Iliana Tsakiraki (Meden Agan), Shane Gibson (Ex-Korn, The Spider Accomplice, stOrk), Gogo Melone (Luna Obscura), Helen Vogt (Flowing Tears) and Babis Nikou (Astral DNA).

Each song is a potential hit, there are great melodic lines, typical symphonic orchestrations, catchy rhytmic lines, as I mentioned before great guitar leads, precise drumming and strong bass lines, just listen to "Taking On The World", where everything seems to be on the right place and vocal job is fantastic. Powerful chorus in "Vita Nova" with operatic vocals in the background, or the breathtaking guitar job in "Scary Place" are fantastic. I was impressed by the vocal duet between Helen Vogt and VK Lynne in "On Christmas Day". But there are also some things that don't enthuse so much, like the male/female vocal duet on semi ballad "Ephemeral", but even this song has its good moments.

Vita Nova will certainly bring on knees many fans of the genre, as this album is without doubt better than many recent mediocre releases in the female fronted metal waters, but I'm afraid that it lacks that thing that could push everything one step further and this is mostly because of too much safe and sometimes uninspired compositions, at some points it lacks a bit of passion and character to reach the heights. Production could be in my opinion a bit better, stronger and deep. But still, like I said before, this is a good album, even though I would expect from involved musicians something more extraordinary.

Review written by: T.V.
Rating: 7,5/10

Recommended by Terra Relicta

Band: Draconian
Album title: Sovran
Release date: 30 October 2015
Label: Napalm Records

Sovran is a proof that the combination of gothic metal and doom metal works out perfectly if you have top notch musicians performing and composing it. While the pace of the album is a bit slower and not so direct like on some of their previous albums, the whole gloomy atmosphere is outstanding, songs are catchy, flowing, dramatic and absolutely racked by melancholy. Most of the melodies are stunningly captivating, guitar sound is gentle and heavy at the same time, often we hear those typical slowly gliding evocative trademark Draconian lines and riffs which brings tears in the eye, the rhythmic line is crushing, just right to give that necessary dose of turbulent doom metal and slight aggression into these compositions. The multidimensional ambiance gets often fulfilled with obscure gothy symphonic synths which give to the songs such an unimaginable depth and rich sound. All of the songs on Sovran are nicely building up in atmosphere, there are so many layers and the one who would like to take everything this album offers should be concetrated on the music as much as possible, possibly setting up a perfect mood. Sovran is magical, soothing, melancholic and dreamy adventure, yet it is ponderous, powerful and heavy by partly remaining loyal to the formula from their debut album, Where Lovers Mourn (2003), where the band made a deviation from their early death/black metal days into a dark and doomy metal style which convinced fans of bands like My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost and early Anathema.

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