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Random album


Slovenian metal band DeathOmen was formed back in 1988 by vocalist/lyricist Marjan Macarol, who was soon joined by guitarist Miha Gerzej (Extreme Smoke 57, D.T.W., ex-Debakel, ex-Diarrhoea,...), and in 1989 by drummer Tomaž Vovk and bassist Marko Štok. At that time they recorded only a few demo tapes which were shared among friends, nothing official. Soon after that, they disbanded, and everything seemed to fall into oblivion.

In 2018 Miha "The Navigator" Gerzej, Marjan "Mančo" Macarol and Tomaž "Master 'Boreas' Blaster" Vovk had an inner call and the right energy seemed to be flowing again. Initially, they just wanted to play and create music, maybe record a couple of songs, but one thing led to another, the inspiration was on a top, and songs kept multiplying. Out of their unconditional and pure love for the music, their first (and hopefully not the last) album Above Holy Ground arose. This dark sonic assault to the masses was self-released on 21 December 2020, and it's available on their Bandcamp page.

DeathOmen offers an interesting listening experience that touches various metal genres, but above all, it'll appeal to those who are into the old-school blackened thrash in the vein of early Kreator, Sodom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Venom, yet there are to be found some technical modern elements and a bit of doom, death and heavy metal, with occasional experimental, avant-garde and even progressive tips.

Vocalist/lyricist Mančo explains about the lyrical concept: "The lyrics are, basically, personal. Poetry. Based on the music, the lyrics have been adapted just enough to make everything compatible. They emphasize human relationships, interpersonal relationships and relationships with the world, which has been hosting us for millennia. The exploiting of man as an energy nutrient and the control over humanity, which manages to keep this exploitation still going on, are also mentioned several times, directly or indirectly. This mutual existence is misunderstood, and the time for departure- the extinction of our civilization is very close. There is no more time for corrections, apologies, or salvation."

DeathOmen doesn't want to expose its inner massage in full, it's supposed to be in a way personal, left for you to deal with it. And here is your chance for that. DeathOmen's music will be presented in the radio show [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday, 14 January at 22.00 (CET) on Terra Relicta Radio.

DeathOmen line-up:
- Miha "The Navigator" Gerzej (music, guitars, bass)
- Tomaž "Master 'Boreas' Blaster" Vovk (music, drums)
- Marjan "Mančo" Macarol (lyrics, vocals, artwork)

DeathOmen links: Facebook, Bandcamp

Edited by Jerneja