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Febrvvm (previously stylized/categorized as Februum) is an alternative/industrial/gothic metal act. Essentially it can be seen as either a one-man band or even a mononymous artist. Or both at the same time. All of the music is written and produced by one person of unspecified origin. Febrvvm has been releasing music since 2017. The first three all four-tracks EPs Secretly Dreaming Of Freezing To Death, Ekpyrosis and Praemeditatio Malorvm were released in 2017, 2018 and 2020. The debut album Apokatastasis was released on 15 February 2021. It features ten tracks, four of them are reworks or remixed versions of the material previously released on the preceding EPs.

The album mixes a wide range of influences and, in many ways, is a multi-genre record. Febrvvm finds it hard to classify his music. Not because of any delusions of his self-importance or originality of the material, but precisely because of this multi-genre approach, where one track leans more to something like industrial metal, another sounds a bit like post-punk, and the third suddenly features death metal riffs. There is always an approach to merge all those influences and create coherent and more or less consistent work, but at the same time evade repetitiveness. Despite their roots in industrial music and a certain tendency to include black/death metal guitar parts here and there, the latest releases started to sound more and more like gothic metal. Which, as Febrvvm says, is a bit of shame since rare artists will ever voluntarily admit that they play gothic music.

When it comes to lyrics, Febrvvm frequently makes conscious choices of references and metaphors based on classical antiquity and its culture, the foundation of western civilization. Therefore the lyrical approach is primarily influenced by Greek and Roman art. But not in the way of bands like Ex Deo or Nile, where the songs are thematically based on, respectively, Roman and Egyptian history and religion. Febrvvm mainly uses antiquity as a bottomless pit of cultural references and powerful imagery.

most probably will be followed by a second - and a significantly darker - album in a few months (since it is already recorded). There are also plans to release more and more cover versions during 2021, and hopefully, a third album, with three albums forming a trilogy, within each separate entry has a different mood and approach to songwriting.

Follow the [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday at 22.00 [CET] on Terra Relicta radio, enter the music labyrinth and search for Febrvvm's camouflaged stoic concepts and hidden elements of self-irony.
"Happy songs for happy people."

Febrvvm discography:
- Secretly Dreaming Of Freezing To Death [EP] (2017)
- Ekpyrosis [EP] (2018)
- Praemeditatio Malorvm [EP] (2020)
- Apokatastasis (2021)

Febrvvm links: Official web site, Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube

Febrvvm's music will be presented in the radio show [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday, 25 February at 22.00 (CET) on Terra Relicta Radio.

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