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Dead Man’s Hill is probably one of the best-hidden jewels of the Belgian ambient and industrial scene. It was formed in 1998 by Bart Piette, also known by the name Piette Yetayi. His intention was "making dark and cold music, especially influenced by The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, and early In Slaughter Natives, but with a more aggressive feel, by incorporating black/death metal influences. The lyrics of Dead Man's Hill revolve around Haïtian voodoo cultists (Culte des morts) and the sickness/cancer that mankind is”, as he stated himself.

Bart started his music career in a band that was in a deranged way, playing music in the style of Bauhaus and Nosferatu. Soon his affection for darker, more ambient and industrial-like explorations prevailed, and his solo-project Dead Man's Hill was born. Although its sound kept changing a lot during the years, ritual dark ambient-industrial, neoclassical and bombastic martial genres host it best. Dead Man's Hill project released an impressive number of albums at different labels like Beast Of Prey, Bugs Crawling Out Of People, Old Europa Café, Steinklang Industries, War Office Propaganda and Midnight Productions. The debut album Descend Au Tombeau was released in 2005 via Slaughter Productions, whereas the last six-tracked full-length Crossroads was self-released in 2016, presenting a ritual and very bombastic symphonic approach.

Before and parallel with Dead Man's Hill, Bart was engaged in several other projects like Alle Sagen Ja, Clophill, Experiments In Darkness, NDE, to name some, though most of them ceased to exist, and some proceeded without him.  In 2011 Dead Man's Hill project stopped releasing albums for some years due to Bart's focus on the Kinderen Van Moeder Aarde project, which he formed with his life partner Els. The Dead Man's Hill so-called brother project The Earth King was also established in the same year and is, as well, still active. Yet Dead Man’s Hill, the most famous one,  was re-invented in 2019 and now walks one of the ethereal/ritual ambient genre paths...

Every time around a full moon, all is settled best for Dead Man's Hill rituals.  Be scared with [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday, 01 April, on Terra Relicta Radio.

Dead Man’s Hill links: Official website, Facebook, Bandcamp

Dead Man's Hill music will be presented on the radio show [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday, 01 April at 22.00 (CET) on Terra Relicta Radio.

Written by Jerneja