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Random album


Bál is a single-man band from Hungary, formed by Bálint Rósz in 2017. "I joined the gloom and torn in two pieces, what it was the beginning of something new, the beginning of Bál. I admit, I still don’t really know what is or who exactly is called Bál, but I know the main inspiration for him is the human fallibility and the imprint of what is caused by us, failures. I needed something or someone who could help me process all the pain that has consumed me from the inside, so I grabbed my guitar and helped myself."

The beginning of this atmospheric/post-black metal project Bál, as Bálint puts down without beating about the bush, proved to be the right decision. His six-track debut album Duna was released on 30 October 2018. This massive dose of energy and bitterness exploded despite low-quality equipment and low knowledge level regarding producing process. It was released on 66 pieces of tapes after having been found by Depressive Illusion Records. About a month later, Bál already released a two-track demo Összel A Csillagok, followed by a single Kerek Erdö II - a "simple song rooted in joy", in October 2019. The second full-length was released in January 2020 via Narcoleptica Productions. Then, a four-song split album with Brazilian band Far From Everything, titled The Infinite, followed in June and another full-length, Krampusz, in September 2020, featuring seven raw, cruel and freezing tracks written and sung in the Hungarian language.

In November 2020, more atmospheric, melodic and clean sounding EP Hirsch saw the day of light. It was created in collaboration with Bál's colleague and friend Smara Kand from Austria, who sent him a video series with German lyrics upon which Bál composed the songs. Hirsch is not just music, it is a mystical story, revealed through music, lyrics and video at the same time. Three months later, another split album with Far From Everything, named Horror, was released. As the title says, it is a pretty evil album, full of contrast, making you feel the same heavy and worried feelings as when watching a horror. On 13 March 2021, after fast and innovative work together with versatile artist Marla Van Horn, Survive After Death got released, featuring "In The Rays Of The Sun At Noon", a unique song - a mixture of black metal and disco-funk. It "hears" like everything is possible with Bál.

Follow the [Dark] UNKNOWN through shades of the darkness of Bál, this Thursday, 22 April at 22.00 [CET] on Terra Relicta radio.

Bál discography:
- Duna (2018)
- Összel A Csillagok [Demo] (2018)
- Kerek Erdő II [Single] (2019)
- Bú (2020)
- The Infinite [Split Album] (2020)
- Krampusz (2020)
- Hirsch [EP] (2020)
- Horror [Split Album] (2021)
- Survive After Death [Split Album] (2021)

Bál links: Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube.

Bál music will be presented on the radio show [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday, 22 April at 22.00 (CET) on Terra Relicta Radio.

Written by Jerneja

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