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Random album


Mexican band A Mors Et Bello was established by vocalist and bassist Alverdark in 1998. First called Divine Blood, Alverdark, Serpent and Siner, made some local presentations without materializing their sound. With the return of the drummer, guitarist and composer Andras Mors from the United States in 1999, Alverdark decided to give the band a new name: A Mors Et Bello.

The band then decided to record an EP with two new members, Seyer and Olaznogh, titled this material Dominazione Di Satanas. Soon after the EP's release (2001), Seyer and Olaznogh decided to leave the band due to personal issues. The remaining A Mors Et Bello's members Andras Mors and Alverdark then recorded a debut album called Sounds Of Horror, released in 2005. Andras composed all the music, recorded guitars and drums, while Alverdark worked with keyboards, basses and lyrics.

Over the years, A Mors Et Bello recruited session musicians for their live shows. Then the band stopped doing live performances and was in remission for a long time. In 2019, with two new members Discordia and Retlaw, A Mors Et Bello was back on its feet. Andras and Alverdark heed the call to record an emblematic song as a tribute to a local band, and at the same time, they are preparing new material to continue their legacy. A Mors Et Bello has participated in several national and foreign compilations and has a version of the tape from the album Sounds Of Horror under the México Bárbaro label limited to 300 copies. A Mors et Bello's music is regarded as satanic black metal that is very synth orientated and heavily rooted in the mid 90. It's old school production whit lyrics covering satanism and anti-Christianity themes.

Follow the [Dark] UNKNOWN and find out what awaits you with A Mors Et Bello. This Thursday, 13 May, on Terra Relicta radio.

A Mors Et Bello discography:
- Dominazione Di Satanas [EP] (2001)
- Sounds Of Horror (2005)

A Mors Et Bello links: Facebook, Bandcamp.

A Mors Et Bello's music will be presented in the radio show [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday, 13 May at 22.00 (CET) on Terra Relicta Radio.

Written by Jerneja