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German musician Lars Kappeler is a person of several musical projects, some new(er), some old(er), some ex and some he had guested. Once a member of "grotesque and ghostly, glamorous and always with a pinch of irony" Violet, The House Of Usher and Atomic Neon - one of the most impressing coldwave bands of our time. As for more recent music engagements - a dark ambient/black metal act La Fin Absolue Du Monde, and collaborating with Nino Sable, who hosts The Nino Sable Show once a month on Terra Relicta radio, where the fruits of this collaboration get premiered. In a way, more to be called his own, there are October Burns Black and Sweet Ermengarde.

October Burns Black is an international gothic rock project whose members have long and distinguished track records in the dark music scene. As the band logo identifies, it is an outfit that has roots across the world. It all started with the USA musician James Tramel, the bass player for The Wake, the legendary gothic rock band from Columbus, Ohio (USA), which he joined in 1987. Besides being the founder of October Burns Black, James brings a wealth of musical talent and knowledge.

Through persistence and fortitude, and with the help of friends in the music business, James has assembled some of the finest musicians from the scene. While each member comes with his musical style, October Burns Black music is a combination of all those influences. One comes from vocalist Rod Hanna. Hailing from Belfast, Rod has been involved in the goth scene for over twenty-five years now, having fronted Return To Khaf’ji. Other October Burns Black influencers are multi-instrumentalist Lars Kappeler (Sweet Ermengarde) and Norvegian guitarist Tommy Olsson, a current member of Long Night and former member of Elusive and The Morendoes.

Both of them are great at creating incredibly strong melodies, fascinatingly original but also wonderfully old school. Drums are provided on recorded material and live by Simon Rippin – currently of Grooving In Green, Red Sun Revival and former member of Fields Of The Nephilim (live), NFD and many more. So far, October Burns Black released two EPs Fault Line (2018) and Reflections (2019), both via Outland Media.

October Burns Black line-up:
Rod Hanna (vocals)
Lars Kappeler (guitars)
Tommy Olsson (guitars)
James Tramel (bass)
Simon Rippin (drums)
October Burns Black discography:
Fault Line [EP] (2018)
Reflections [EP] (2019)

October Burns Black links: Official website, Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube

Sweet Ermengarde is a gothic rock project from Germany set up in 2011, and Lars is the driving force behind it.  The project is reflecting the 80s British doom and gloom in all its finery. By injecting other musical influences, ranging from 70s progressive rock, psychedelia, dark ambient and early postpunk, the project is far from being a mere reproduction of the past.

Sweet Ermengarde transposes their musical roots, in the shape of visceral and energetic sonics, into the heart of the drab 2020s: dark and atmospherically dense – ethereal, yet energetic soundscapes with plaintive foggy guitars, trance-inducing drums and the driving bass of the main figure Lars Kappeler. This otherworldly mixture of ingredients is elevated by the sombre tones of the present vocalist and lyricist D. The drums are again in the domain of gothic rock supreme drummer Simon Rippin as a guest musician.

Sweet Ermengarde released its "the ghostly romantic" debut album Raynham Hall in June 2013, and "the obsidian fever dream" 13-track sophomore Ex Oblivione in March 2016. Just recently (in Apri), Sweet Ermengarde served a double-single Once You Break / Typhonian Trance.

Follow the [Dark] UNKNOWN and Lars Kappeler's music, through October Burns Black, Sweet Ermengarde and ... This Thursday, 20 May, on Terra Relicta radio.

Sweet Ermengarde line-up:
Lars Kappeler (bass, guitar, keys)
D (vocals, guitar, keys)
Simon Rippin (guest drums)

Sweet Ermengarde discography:
Raynham Hall (2013)
Ex Oblivione (2016)
Once You Break / Typhonian Trance [Double-single] (2021)

Sweet Ermengarde links: Official website, Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube

October Burns Black
and Sweet Ermengarde's music will be presented in the radio show [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday, 20 May at 22.00 (CET) on Terra Relicta Radio.

Written by Jerneja