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French act Saigon Blue Rain was formed by Ophélie Lecomte and Franck Pelliccioli in September 2012 as Stupid Bitch Reject. Six months later, its first self-titled EP got released on Afmusic. A couple of months before the debut album What I Don't See release on Cold Insanity Music in September 2014, the duo decided to rename the band from Stupid Bitch Reject to Saigon Blue Rain.

While the initials, which proved to be lucky ones, stayed the same, the music style changed - what was the reason for changing the band's name in the first place. The same kind of ethereal vocals now combined with highly emotive new/coldwave with some post-punk, darkwave, shoegaze and some gothic rock. What I Don't See is a step forward as the whole picture became even more luxurious, sensitive and in a way more elaborated. It is an ode to all things immaterial and imperceptible.

After the "Goodbye Horses" single (Dec 2014), the sophomore album Noire Psyché got released in March 2016 - quite similar to its predecessor, but with a bit more mature song compositions, more vivacious atmosphere and even with a bit richer and more dynamic sound. Saigon Blue Rain's third full-length Pink Obsession (May 2019), draws a watershed moment, more anchored in pop and electronic sounds. After another single, "We Ask For Pain (Zus Remedy mix)", five-tracks EP Songs For The Boys got released in April 2020. In-between catchy post-punk, sensual dark electro and desolate ethereal landscapes, presents a nocturnal collection of broken women confessions.

Following live album Live At Hespebay was recorded at Hespebay Brewery in September 2020 and released in November. Saigon Blue Rain's last release was a single "Nutshell" - a tribute to Alice In Chains, a band that accompanied the darkest days of Ophélie and Franck's teenage years; released on the 27th anniversary of the release of Jar Of Flies. Hip to hip with Les Modules Etranges, Joy/Disaster and Soror Dolorosa, the Saigon Blue Rain act additionally enriched the French post-punk and gothic rock scene.

And Ophélie - with her vocals somewhere between Cocteau Twins and All About Eve - is singing with a passion that draws the listener away from reality, and together with the other instruments - the band also features Mathieu Chollet and Baptiste Bertrand on guitar and bass - creates a perfect whole.

Saigon Blue Rain links: Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube

Written by Jerneja