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Kammarheit is a dark ambient project by Pär Boström. He describes the project as being: "formed in 2000 as a way to explore and re-create a certain atmosphere – a post apocalyptic stillness among majestic subterranean halls, deep chasms and abandoned places; music that is both apocalyptic and soothing, a kind of numinous and meditative ambience."

As Kammarheit, Pär Boström has put out a significant amount of material, half of which was never intended for public consumption. The other half is considered some of the best in the genre. As far back as 2000, Kammarheit recorded the first album, Shockwork, which wouldn't see an official release for another 15 years. Shockwork was Pär Boström's first dark ambient endeavor, initiated by a night of field recording in a dark industrial complex. After Shockwork, Kammarheit would go on to record 5 more albums over a very short period of times, all of which were unreleased until early 2015.

Kammarheit made his official debut on the legendary Cyclic Law compilation, Nord Ambient Alliance, along with fellow North European comrades: Svartsinn, Northaunt, Predominance and Instincts. These would lead to his debut album, Asleep And Well Hidden, which saw a very warm reception from the dark ambient community. Yet, it wouldn't be until The Starwheel in 2005 that Kammarheit would be etched into the minds of all dark ambient fans. The Starwheel proved to be a benchmark album in "The Second Coming of Dark Ambient" a time when the genre saw a huge boost in popularity after it had begun to dwindle in the early years of the new millennium.
With all this popularity and acclaim surrounding Kammarheit, we unexpectedly saw a long pause in musical output. Aside from his side-project Cities Last Broadcast - The Cancelled Earth, we wouldn't hear from Kammarheit again for a full decade. The Nest marked the re-emergence of Pär Boström and the reawakening of his inner musical drive. The Nest kept a similar style to its predecessors and has that same hazy, sombre, dreamy element to it, a formula which brought him much success in the past. This time was no different, The Nest is a solid album which conjures images of dilapidated yet fantastic landscapes. Never sinister or spooky, but always dark, The Nest proved that Kammarheit was back like he had never left. (Review of The Nest here.)

Almost immediately after the release of The Nest, Cyclic Law released a box set entitled Unearthed 2000-2002 in which all six of the original and previously unreleased Kammarheit albums were remastered by Frederic Arbour and given a beautiful packaging. (Review of Unearthed 2000-2002 here.)Later that year saw a few collaborations by Pär Boström, namely Onyx with Simon Heath, of Atrium Carceri and Sabled Sun, and Robert C. Kozletsky, of Apocryphos and Shock Frontier. Also, his second appearance on Cryo Chamber in 2015 was Azathoth, which was comprised of two, hour long, long form dark ambient pieces by a host of collaborators. A must have for fans of bleak and devastating dark ambient with a Lovecraftian twist. (Review of Onyx here.)

This year has proven to be just as busy for Mr. Pär Boström. He has started the new publishing house, Hypnagoga Press. The first release on this label being his newest project, Hymnambulae, along with his sister Åsa. One month later, the follow-up to his 2009 release The Cancelled Earth by Cities Last Broadcast, was unveiled, entitled The Humming Tapes (Review of The Humming Tapes here).  On The Humming Tapes, Pär Boström has taken a totally different direction, tapping into seances and mystical ceremonies of the early 20th century.

There will possibly be another Kammarheit album within the next year, as well as a host of varied output from Hypnagoga Press. Not to mention the follow up to Onyx is in the works, as well as the third installment of Cryo Chamber's Lovecraftian collaboration series.

We are extremely proud to have three tracks by Mr. Pär Boström on our brand new compilation, Terra Relicta Presents: Vol. I Dark Ambient. He has contributed solo as Kammarheit and Cities Last Broadcast, as well as in collaboration with his sister Åsa on their Hymnambulae track. We really hope that everyone will enjoy this massive dark ambient offering, and will look further into the amazing works of Pär Boström, through Kammarheit, Hymnambulae, and Cities Last Broadcast. Link.

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