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Aseptic Void is a name that has been floating through the dark ambient realms for several years now. First entering the radars of many dark ambient fans with his album Psychosis released through Cryo Chamber in 2013, Aseptic Void has continued to spread his wings across the musical spectrum working on solo albums as well as soundtracks to several video games.

Davide Terreni was born in January 29, 1989, in San Miniato, Italy. After an academic training in music focused on violin, he began his artistic activity in 2009 under the pseudonym of Aseptic Void. His first album, Carnal, was self-released in 2013. Carnal, which dons cover-art created by Davide himself, touches on the theme of flesh and abominations of the concepts of limit. Per the album blurb: "The album embodies a black hole of anti-identity in which to get pleasantly lost. The truth of the flesh is multi-faceted." In Davide's words, "Psychology is close to my music, because I put in place a continuous catharsis... using the language of sounds to externalize my desires, recounting what lies inside of my head. I started making music for extreme communicative exigency. I always look for the best moment of inspiration for the realization of my music. I love composing at night, when the silence and tranquility envelop me. Painting is another art form that helps me, my paintings help to complete this mechanism of expression."

The turning point in his musical career came in the same year, when he published the album Psychosis under the American label, Cryo Chamber, run by Simon Heath of Atrium Carceri. Riding on the successes of Carnal and his soundtrack to Slender Woods, Aseptic Void produced an album which has often been described as hauntingly evil. Psychosis clearly touches on the intricacies of the mind as it bends under the strains of psychosis, by means of a black ambient noise soundscape.

His most famous work to date is the soundtrack of the video-game The Town of Light, released on February 26, 2016 on PC through Steam. Aseptic Void characterizes his songs on The Town Of Light with dark tones, which intertwine dark ambient with experimental music. His influences and background were the perfect match to The Town Of Light, which is a psychological adventure set in early 20th Century Italy.

We were lucky enough at Terra Relicta to get in contact with Davide Terreni and he was much obliged to contribute a track to our massive dark ambient compilation, Terra Relicta Presents: Vol. I Dark Ambient. The track "Violate" is a perfect example of the talents Davide brings to the table in the world of dark ambient. "Violate" is a very minimalistic track, in terms of strictly musical elements. There is little to nothing here that could be construed as musical. What we do have is an amazingly detailed soundscape, a window into the world of someone who is buried in the deeps of their mind, or wandering through some post-apocalyptic industrial wasteland. There are field-recordings galore, filled with sounds like dripping water or clanging metal in the distance. At the midway point of the track we hear some white-noise as if a radio signal has changed, or the needle has slid off the record. This is followed by the haunting cries of someone unknown mortal, which fades into an extremely quiet darkness as the track drifts to its close.

As with all artists on Terra Relicta Presents: Vol. I Dark Ambient, Aseptic Void is a magnificent talent in the midst of so many more amazing peers. "Violate" is a perfect example of the creepier, field-recording heavy, sub-genre within the dark ambient umbrella. We hope you will find his track to be compelling and even a bit mind-altering. If "Violate" is to your liking, the rest of the Aseptic Void discography is highly recommended. Link.

Written by: Michael

Terra Relicta Presents: Vol. I Dark Ambient by Various Artists

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