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Random album


The third wave of gothic rock is spreading its wings more and more, and one of the most visible new acts, who already gained quite a lot of appreciation in the underground and already achived some kind of a cult status are Portuguese trio NU:N. The band was formed in early 2014 and their highly acclaimed debut album titled Nothing Unveils Nothing was released in December that same year through Black Genesis Records. After the release of the album the band had a fruitful year, played many notable shows, especially their sets at SGM Fest 2015 in Madrid and their appearance at the Sacrosanct Festival in UK the same year left a huge mark and fans of gothic rock welcomed this band with open arms and darkened hearts. After having a productive 2015 recording new material included on compilations (one of them was a tribute to Brazilian legends Das Projekt), digital singles and performing live in charismatic European festivals and venues, the band began working on this new material as far back as April 2016, and on July 2016 have returned to Vulcanalia Studio to record their second album named Naked Until Noema

"NU:N's music conjures images of smoky dance floors, engulfed by hairspray and worn leather smell, while taking us into pitch-black realms that straddle the border between mythology and reverie. Rhythms pulse relentlessly, with the drum machine rattling for war and the bassist performing his grooviest way with deeply dark aplomb. Ambiances are opaque, weirdly aerial, and has been designed from a fleshed out minimalism that turns seconds into minutes, what is as crucial to the mood and the journey as any harsh baritone, minor chord or riff. So, whatever your taste in goth rock, these songs should entice you at first listening." (excerpt from the review of Nothing Unveils Nothing written by Billyphobia)

"Erotic ages we drawned in silky hot reds
 Flesh and blood at first bite
 We conquered the night."

Now NU:N is just about to release their sophomore full-lenght (you must have noticed that both titles of their albums are coinages of bands name). Naked Until Noema will be released on 31st October again through Black Genesis Records. A couple of weeks before the official release the band released a new EP entitled Ceremonial : Carved Silence, featuring two tracks from the new album. Naked Until Noema is extremely diverse if compared to their debut, both torturous and melodically transcendent. The Portuguese trio emerges in a new journey of sound and writting exploration bringing them closer to themselves. The result is shown in diverse ambiences, vast landscapes that incorporate elements of pure gothic rock, even industrial, circus, ambient and arabic melodies, tracks that will for sure take the dancefloor by storm. With 11 songs, lasting more than 55 minutes, Naked Until Noema features a harsher, harrowing but melodic and darker harmony than NU:N had recorded before.

NU:N gathered some special guests on this new album, the most notable are guest vocalists Carfax Haddo and Stephanie Sabat from Costa Rican gothsters Last Dusk, but as well there is Oliver Heuer, the vocalist from German gothic rockers Sweet William and the acclaimed Portuguese novelist and poet José Luis Peixoto, who wrote the lyrics for one of the tracks. By blending together that typical old school gothic rock with early 90s second wave of the genre and some modern elements, adding an occult imagery, NU:N are a must for fans of bands like are Fields Of The Nephilim, Rosetta Stone, Love Like Blood, Merciful Nuns, Nosferatu and similar acts.

NU:N are: Francisco Vaudeville, T.M. and Pedro Eternal.

NU:N links: Facebook, Black Genesis Records, Bandcamp