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Nino Sable - Interview

Nino Sable, the German singer, songwriter, music lover and from now on also the presenter of a brand new radio show right here on Terra Relicta Radio, is well known in the dark music circles, best as the frontman of the great gothic dark rock/metal band Aeon Sable. Nino is active in the music scene for 20 years, and beside Aeon Sable, his musical endeavours include also the more alternative/post-punk/rock-oriented act Melanculia, dark electro band Deied and cold wavers Hqmr. Now Nino decided to continue his musical path also as a solo act, simply named Nino Sable. Some weeks ago he shared with his friends the first track "Hydra" and its atmospheric captivating sound immediately gained a lot of appreciation, interest, and wanting people for more. Nino decided to present the rest of his new songs in a very unique way, and you should read everything about his solo creations, the upcoming radio show and yet much more in this in-depth interview.

Interview with: Nino Sable
Conducted by: Tomaz
Edited by: Jerneja

Tomaz: Hello Nino, we are very pleased to be hosting your radio show on Terra Relicta Radio. I guess that most of our readers and radio listeners already know who you are, but for those who still don't, can you please say a thing or two about yourself?
: Hello Tomaz, most people may have already heard some of my songs here on Terra Relicta. I am a singer of the German goth rock band Aeon Sable, and I am a musician for around 20 years. I love music and... that's why I am who I am.

Tomaz: We are all very curious about what to expect from your radio show that will first be emitted on 31 January 2021.
: The Nino Sable show is something special for me... and I hope, for you too! I will be on air every last Sunday of the month between 6 pm and 7 pm (CET). Each show will have a different music topic, most of them dark, not all of them fast. The most important fact is that I will release one of my new tracks each month during this show. That means - if you want to be the first to listen to my new releases, it is here, at the Nino Sable show. A little after the show the track will be released on Bandcamp as well. What else? Ahh - yes - I am planning to do this show for at least 12 months.

Tomaz: That is great, and I am really looking forward to it! Besides your new solo music project, which already gained a lot of attention from those who heard the first revealed song "Hydra" some weeks ago, I am interested if you will dedicate the show to one specific or various genres?
: It will be a very varied show - I will play the tracks that I love. And I promise that goths will like it. Expect everything between The Doors, Einstürzende Neubauten, Lebanon Hanover and Chelsea Wolfe.

Tomaz: Will there be (besides your new music of course) also some new stuff on the menu?
: I don’t know. I guess yes. The show doesn’t have a strict design... let’s see what will happen.

Tomaz: Now about your Nino Sable solo project. We were all very enthused by the first song "Hydra". Are these songs meant for this project, or are these the songs that didn't really fit in Aeon Sable or Melanculia spectrum of music?
: No, Nino Sable is the new “melanculia-deied-hqmr-all-in-one”. All that I did during the past years with Melanculia and Deied (...) will now appear under the Nino Sable flag. But also a lot of new stuff which I can’t categorize musically right now, like "Hydra" for example.

Tomaz: Is everything done solely by yourself, or did you have any "helpers" with creations of the songs, recordings and production?
: Well, the architecture is 100% by me. But as the album grew, I started inviting people if they would like to collaborate. Lars from October Burns Black and Sweet Ermengarde is doing the mixing and is also adding some bass and guitars while Diane from La Scaltra is helping me with vocals and Daniel Marius van Bentum (Dos Asmund) is sending me some analogue synthesizer parts to include in the songs. It is a lot of fun to work with all these people.

Tomaz: You already did a video for the amazing atmospheric and emotional piece "Hydra", but for now it was released only on your Facebook profile and shared among friends. Will you release this video for the public consumption on YouTube?
: Well... I released "Hydra" solely on my private Facebook, just for friends. I like to share unreleased stuff. Until now the track was modified a few times, other synthesizer took place, and I also updated the video... soon the final version will be released.

Tomaz: Sounds good! What about the progress on new Aeon Sable album, can you already reveal some details?
: I can’t really say anything right now. Aeon Sable is ready when it is ready.

Tomaz: I guess that the same goes for Melanculia and for a long time dormant Deied, or am I wrong?
: Well... a few years ago I was looking for a solution to stop walking the old roads. I didn’t want to stop working on Melanculia or Deied, but I wanted to unite everything under one name. That means: There will be no more Melanculia or Deied or Hqmr album. But the new tracks will keep on appearing under “Nino Sable”.

Tomaz: Ok, I understand now. Now a typical question for this time. How much did the Covid-19 pandemic affect you as a musician and in personal life?
: For now, my life didn’t change that much. In my private life, I now have enough time to do whatever I like (music). I also have a job where everything stayed the same. As a musician... it is great! Ok, there are no concerts and fewer sales, but who cares about the money. What I (and my friends) love to do is the music itself, so what?! These are very inspiring times for the people with a dark side.

Tomaz: This is the first time that I hear such an answer from the musician, haha... Most of them are not pleased with the situation at all...
: I don’t know about other musicians. I only know that in my creative corner, the artists are ok with the situation.

Tomaz: You rarely want to speak about the lyrics, at least when it concerns Aeon Sable. I hope that, regarding your solo project, you can tell us a bit more, mostly because I found the lyrics of "Hydra" so deep and personal.
: "Hydra" was written and recorded in just two hours in December 2020. While most people were preparing presents for their kids and friends, I wrote this song to offer it to my friends (Facebook). I remember I was thinking of David Bowie while I was creating it, and that maybe he gave birth to the primal spirit of the track. In this track, I “move like the ancient snake” (deied), side by side with the lord and question his (and my) divinity. My boss would say the song is satanic... for me... it was the spirit of the moment.

Tomaz: Well, are the songs and their lyrics, on your upcoming solo album, meant as some kind inner catharsis or maybe dealing with own demons?
: Maybe - who am I to understand what I am doing? Aren’t we all always dealing with our own demons? Sometimes in the frontend, sometimes in the backend. The only thing that I can say about the new songs is that they all came out of my mind without much pressure. Just like magic.

Tomaz: Musicians/bands are sometimes very innovative with how to present new songs, and this time you have chosen a unique way- to present them via the radio show. How did you think of this?
: Well... I like to walk in strange ways. I have been thinking about releasing music for a lot of time, and I guess there is no golden way to release except being unique. For me, nowadays, there is no need for an “album release” anymore. Why not releasing the tracks as singles and all of them can make his/her own collection of favourite tracks? Otherwise, why should someone buy an entire album just because of one nice track on it? My first idea was to release one track each month through Bandcamp and... the idea of featuring the songs during a monthly radio show just popped up in my brain.

Tomaz: I need to ask you why, among so many radio stations, you have chosen Terra Relicta Radio to host your show where you will be premiering the songs?
: I have the impression that Terra Relicta is a good station. I don’t care about bandwidth but about giving my art to people who deserve it. Terra Relicta is the right place for the Nino Sable Show (and release).

Tomaz: One year ago you released your very first book, "MittelklassenBlues", as well. Can you tell me more about it? What was the inspiration, the reason? Will it be ever translated in English?
: Hahaha, my psychotherapist told me that it would be a good idea. I released the book one year ago, and it was sold out in just four days. The book is about my life as a musician. A flashback from 2010-2020. I don’t know if I will release an English version... maybe I will have to ask my friends from the UK.

Tomaz: Before we end this interview, I would like to ask you if there were some albums, which were released in the year 2020, and you were enthusiastic about? Any favourites that you can recommend to our readers?
: Oh yes, some releases... I discovered Rosegarden Funeral Party, and the last King Dude output was fine as well, and then the 2020 releases of Under The Skin, Talk To Her, Night Nail, Mary, and Crying Vessel. I know... it is just post-punk... let’s see if I soon get back to good old metal.

Tomaz: Ok Nino, thank you for explaining many things about your upcoming radio show, and your solo project. Is there anything else that you need to tell about it at the end of this interview?
: I could tell you all to buy my records, or I could tell you to follow me on telegram, to like me on Facebook, to stay safe from covid... but what I really like to tell you is that I wish that all of you are free and wild and that you all enjoy the time here on earth. See you. And thank you Tomaz!

Nino Sable links: Facebook, Bandcamp

You'll have a chance to listen to The Nino Sable Show on Terra Relicta Radio every last Sunday of the month at 18:00 (CET). The first show will be online on 31st January. Terra Relicta Radio is available to listen HERE or HERE.

Photo credits: Lapis Exilis

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