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Todtgelichter - Interview

Interview with: Tentakel P., Tobias, Marta
Conducted by: T.V.

The story of German band Todtgelichter begun in 2002 when Tentakel P. and Frederic formed the band. Since then the band released three albums that installed this unique band in the top of todays avantgarde black metal genre. The bands fourth studio album entitled Apnoe is just to be released on 15th April 2013 through respected label Code666 Records and shows a huge step for Todtgelichter. The past in black metal waters and evil corpsepaint is behind them now, completely, new era has begun already with their previous amazing album Angst released in 2010, but Apnoe is a story per se, an album that is strong enough to define new standards in modern metal of today. The band went since its conception through many line up changes and it seems that Todtgelichter has the strongest one right now. Current line-up consists of Tentakel P. (drums, synths), Frederic (guitars, vocals), Marta (female vocals), Tobias (vocals), Claudio (guitars), and Chris (bass). It's needless to say anything more as Tentakel P., Tobias and Marta explained everything in this very detailed interview.

T.R.: Apnoe, your fourth album is almost released. How are you satisfied with the final result?
Tobias: We are very happy to have finally finished the recordings. It has been a long way with a lot of difficulties for the band to manage after the line-up changes. Now that we are able to listen to the final result the pieces kind of fit together and the band is at full strength again. Besides Eike (Freese, Producer) is such a wonderful guy to work with and did an amazing job once more. The whole album sounds really organic and somehow "alive".
Tentakel P.: Yes, we had a really unlucky strain last year but we´re back on track. Apnoe has been our goal all along after Angst, and to finally listen to it in its entirety is more than fulfilling. I could change a few things in the final sound but that´s always the case, any musician telling you he had achieved 100% with an album is definitely lying to you, haha...
T.R.: It's obvious that you've put a lot of effort in production. Can you reveal some more background about this process and how it was working with Eike?
Tobias: This time we tried to focus on natural, organic sounds right from the beginning with the drums (no triggers e.g.) and it took us quite some time to figure out the right feeling for every passage in every song when it came to different guitars, guitar- and bass-sounds, different amps whatsoever... We were able to use a lot of different instruments (thanx to Dirk and Kai from Gamma Ray who helped us out with some great vintage stuff!). Besides Eike added a great amount of experience, feeling and his profession to the recording which is something you can’t point out enough. He is a really calm, friendly guy to work with and has incredible good ears and a fine sense for songs. We couldn’t have chosen better.
Tentakel P.: Furthermore, at least Frederic and me know him since over 15 years. He was with us since the very beginnings of Todtgelichter, and except for the demo he had his hands on every recording, for Was Bleibt... I recorded the drums there, from Schemen on we did everything completely with him. He knows what we want, and that is not always easy with us since each album sounds different as you might have noticed. He is able to completely erase every expectation of what we’ll be coming up with every time we show him the stuff for a new album, and with each album we decide individually how it must sound instead of just load presets from last time. Which wouldn’t work in our case anyway. This is a rare gift for a producer of his level. I mean, the guy has worked with German chartbreakers Oomph!, with Gamma Ray, he even mastered two Deep Purple Best-Of albums and did so much other impressive stuff... But each time we enter the studio it’s like old friends working on an album with all their heart and enthusiasm as if it were the first. This is everything you can ever hope for.
T.R.: This album shows that Todtgelichter have left behind the black metal past completely. What do you think will be the reaction of your fans of past albums?
Tobias: To be honest: reactions after the last albums (now sometimes even called "milestones") weren‘t always that pleasant as people imagined. Angst itself was harshly criticized after its release. Sometimes I have the feeling that there is a lot of "backward"-thinking in the metal scene. We are a band that certainly has managed to secure a fanbase over the last years but: none of us can pay the bills with what we‘re doing in Todtgelichter. So the only way to continue is to be honest to yourself. We only play the music that comes naturally. In the past that might have been black metal, but Angst already clearly broke with that. Today it is what you hear on Apnoe. It might not satisfy every listener but it definitely satisfies us as a band. And that is most important when it comes to authenticity.
Tentakel P.: Correct, and let me add that those who scream "traitors" now and want a second Was Bleibt... or Schemen: Please ask yourself what it really is you want; there are still so much good black metal bands out there with feeling, do you really want us to produce another black metal album when we play something else now and have moved on? Do you really want a soulless and dishonest black metal album by people who are not into playing black metal? The way I see it, should we produce another black metal album (which is highly unlikely because we have to feel it again and chances for that are extremely dim) it would be against everything Black Metal still means to me personally. I mean, you wouldn’t force The Gathering to play Death Metal again, and that’s just one example, it makes no sense... So, people need to get over it, we’re through with BM. I expect many stubborn "fans" to turn away but I think we will appeal to a lot more new fans who accept the album for what it is, it was like this with nearly every album we released in the past. I guess that’s part of being in a band for so long.
T.R.: In comparison with your previous album, not to speak about the first two, you integrated many different styles in your music, as there are traces even of jazz, typical heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock, trip hop and much more, what made the song structures even more complex. Is this the result of new approach of song composing or something else?
Tobias: No, there actually is no new approach. On the one hand the band definitely grew when it comes to musical skills of each individual. On the other hand the spectrum of music we listen to has widened over the years a lot. And all those influences you named can be found in the record collection of one or another band member. And as we understand Todtgelichter as a band that is constantly trying to move on and find new ways of expressing ourselves this has quite naturally a great influence on our songwriting.
Tentakel P.: Tobias is right, our influences have always been broad, only our skills weren’t. Nowadays our songwriting skills and our technical skills have grown to a level where we can integrate those influences in a way it doesn’t sound incoherent or badly played. And, Black Metal is a form of negative expression – we have conquered our inner demons, so to speak; today our expression is not only negative anymore. Thus Black Metal has become the wrong form for us. We don’t want to "change" Black Metal into something it isn’t, that’s why we have left it behind. We have realized that, only some "fans" haven’t. Well, you can’t help some people.
T.R.: It seems that you worked a lot on the sole atmosphere of songs, songs like for example "Kollision" reveal that...
Tentakel P.: Well, yes; every song is different but we try to form a coherent album, that’s very important for us. Our way of songwriting is such that we don’t write like 20 finished songs and then we see which of them fit together and kick the other half out. No – each song only get so far as being nearly finished before the studio recordings when we think it fits onto the whole album. Mostly, we have an album title and idea before we even play the first riffs. It’s easier for us to work with such a guideline and it makes the finished album more, say, whole. Every song we finish is a dear child to us, every one, as different as they are. And they all make sense just where they are. Our albums are to be listened to as a whole, because the context is very important for each song, without their siblings they are less than what they could be.
T.R.: Who played the cello on "Until It Begins"?
Tobias: It actually is a contrabass! An old wooden lady of over a hundred years of age. Skillfully played by Sebastian Bartsch who is a member of a professional classical orchestra. They’ve actually won the "Echo" (an important German media price) for their latest production. We found him by chance and were so grateful for his contribution. It were really magic moments in the studio! Thanx again, dude! You can hear him as well on the beginning of "Soil" by the way.
T.R.: Daniel from Lake Of Tears and Allen from The Vision Bleak did some guest vocals too, so how did you came up with this collaboration?
Tentakel P.: So far, we had guest appearances on every album and we wanted to keep it like that, it's always interesting to have other people join in and interpret what you're doing. On Schemen we had two friends of ours (not in a band) doing didgeridoo and saxophone, and Trolfbert from Negator threw in a guitar solo for "Hammer". On Angst, vocalists Eike Freese of Dark Age and Nihilaz of Vulvark contributed in their very own way on "Neon" and "Subway". Now with Apnoe, we wanted to take this a little further than our friend circle and ask people whose work we admire as fans to do the same. It was Frederic, a fan of Lake Of Tears from the very beginning, who came up with Daniel - his part on "Beyond Silence" sounds so different from Tobias' singing, fragile and somehow more scarred. And Allen was so kind as to join in in the very last second when we felt the song "Tiefer Fall" had to have singing in his style. His presence and charisma is just so strong in The Vision Bleak we knew he was the perfect candidate for that part. There is not much more to the story, we wrote to them and asked, and they said "Yes". Daniel was able to join us in the studio as Lake Of Tears were in Hamburg with Moonspell an Pain when we did vocals anyway, and Allen did his part at Markus Stock's Studio E when they were pre-producing the new The Vision Bleak album.
T.R.: You Tobias and also Christoph are the new members who joined the band last year, how did you blend into the group?
Tobias: From my point of view I came to fit into a really good working music machine. Chris is, in my eyes (I played bass in a few bands before myself), a really tight and dynamic bass player with a good sense for grooves and even melodies. For me I have to say that after quite a long time of searching I found a band that suits me well. I could grow as a singer a lot during the writing and recording of Apnoe. And I‘m really grateful the band gave me the space to contribute the way I did to Apnoe.
Tentakel P.: As one of only two founding members left I watched every line-up growing and sometimes shrinking over the years, but every change felt right and though we do not really have contact with some of the old members, there is no bad blood. Everyone brought something personal into the band, if only for a certain period. And: each new member was selected not only for their skills but also on a personal level; we’re friends and have fun together, that’s really important for us. And ultimately it may be that this is the reason for our finished albums to sound congruent the way they do; the fact that we always manage to reach a high level of satisfaction for everyone involved. Mostly, that is - you have to live with compromises, sure; but there is no passage on any album where anyone of us couldn’t live with at that time.
T.R.: There are much more female vocal lines sang by Marta than on previous album Angst...
Marta: The female vox on Angst were the cream of the cake and not really planned - at least not to that extent - beforehand. During the work for Angst I was no official member, though since the founding of Todtgelichter I have always been some kind of honorary member. When the band got stuck with some vocal arrangements it was only natural for them to ask me to help out and give some fresh ideas, but the result turned out to be a surprise for us all. It was so much a surprise and the cooperation felt just natural that I was asked to join the band as a "real" member, and about time if you ask me, haha. Thus, the planning and the work for Apnoe was a completely different story. As a band member rehearsing regularly with the boys I was there from the very first guitar riff, I had much more influence on everything and of course the songs were always written for two vocalists, for it was clear we didn’t want to give up the male and extreme vocals completely. It was natural development, so to speak.
T.R.: Apnoe,... what's the meaning of this title?
Tentakel P.: Apnoe is a state of breathlessness. In medical sense, it is a condition in which you sometimes stop breathing irregularly while sleeping. Then, there is the apnoe diving, with people holding their breath over minutes, diving without oxygen far beyond depths of 100 meters. And of course you have the state of not being able to breath "mentally", not being able to stop once in a while, forget the world and just take the time to perceive the little things; we think this ability becomes more and more endangered in our days full of social networking, thousands of TV channels, career-thinking and full timetables. Finally, breathlessness can also occur when something leaves you really angry, full of wrath and hate – or on the other hand astonished, full of joy and speechless so you even forget to breathe. All those different aspects of Apnoe can be found in our lyrics, it’s kind of the "golden thread" of the album.
T.R.: Your previous album and this one have kind of minimalistic cover artwork, who designed it and is there anything that you wanted to express with this kind of art?
Tentakel P.: The artwork of Apnoe and the previous artwork was created by Y who prefers to remain an enigma – he is an artist and normally does completely different stuff and I am not really allow to talk about him. For our work together he choose the moniker "Y", no contact, no other information. My guess is he doesn’t want to get into this whole album layout thing too much. As an artist, he always manages to see things in us that we didn’t see and thus I can not really speak for him or give you the deepest meanings for the artwork; but I can tell you what I see in it: As for Angst, the whole artwork breathed an urban character; bleak, distant, mysterious. Apnoe is more personal, we wanted to focus on our "band characters", that is why the booklet revolves around us, we wanted to be integrated with our music, to be part of the whole thing that is Todtgelichter - as an artwork element. We wanted to have something intimate and pensive which is exactly how the album sounds.
T.R.: Songs like for example "Lights Of Highways" or "Until It All Begins" have some resemblance with Dutch band The Gathering. Are you fans of their music?
Marta: The comparison with The Gathering, or Anneke Van Giersbergen to be precise, is something I hear frequently; and yes, I can’t deny the similarities. I don’t have a problem with it, on the contrary – I feel honored. She is a wonderful singer and artist and The Gathering a great band, and regarding Todtgelichter I don’t stand alone with that opinion, though I am rather a fan of the older outputs (with Anneke singing). The vocals on the two mentioned songs were arranged by me, the lyrics are mine too; so it is not a coincidence those stand out from the rest of the album.
T.R.: The music of yours is often described as avantgarde metal. Do you agree with this labeling and what will be your words to describe it?
Tobias: If "avantgarde" is meant to create something new with every record and to not be limited stylewise I’d agree. In the sense of innovation: yes, thank you, haha. And yes, we do put a lot of thinking in our music. But on the other hand avantgarde to me sounds kind of "sterile" and "emotionless". We surely try to avoid that. In the end we come to the point that one might find it hard to categorize our music. That again is in my eyes positive because it makes people curious. Still: do we really need these categories? Can’t we just describe what we hear?
Tentakel P.: I must strongly object to "sterile" and "emotionless" regarding Avantgarde, making a mental note to show Tobias such classics as Ved Buens Ende’s "Written In Waters", Korovakill’s "Waterhells", or Virus’s "The Black Flux", haha... Many of the emotionally strongest and most challenging outputs have been labeled "Avantgarde Metal". I feel honoured if our music is labeled that way, as I see it exactly like Tobi in his first sentence to that question. Even more so as people tend to call "Avantgarde" what they can’t really fit into genres or maybe haven’t even heard before in this special way. As for our own words, we really do not give much thought about it what it could be called, rather than what it should not be called – people continue to label us Black Metal, when there is really little to nothing of that style left in our music. To me Black Metal still means much, but I wouldn’t search for it in the music we make these days, that would be like looking for apples in the meat department.
T.R.: How are you satisfied with your label Code666 Records?
Tentakel P.: Very much so! It’s cool to be on a label which leaves artists so much artistic space. 99% of the time they let you do what you feel is necessary to transport your music and everything. The personal contact is great, prompt and nice and they do a really good job when the album is out. And which band wouldn’t feel honored by getting a special limited, handmade box made for their new album? You rarely get that anywhere else, except maybe at Nuclear Blast but that’s a completely different thing... Besides, Code666 has many of the old and new Avantgarde pioneers in their rooster, we’re really looking at a label releasing quality instead of quantity which is a great thing in days where nearly anyone can release anything.
T.R.: And if someone from Nuclear Blast offers you a record deal, would you jump right away?
Tentakel P.: So what? We are gifted with the ability to read, we wouldn’t just sign everything blindly. If the contract is to our satisfaction, that is if we can keep our way of making music and do not have to sell our souls, there is no logical reason to say no... Nuclear Blast has means bigger than any band our status can dream of, so of course we would not decline just for the sake of staying underground! I would lie if I say we do not dream of getting something out of the band and instead like to spend thousands for a production with which we, if we are lucky, get hardly even... And of course we would want those inflating lifesize latex dolls of us as merchandise, who wouldn’t?
T.R.: I don't recall that you've published any music videos so far (correct me if I'm wrong), are you going to make something on the visual side?
Tobias: We still have a lot of footage in store we filmed during the recording sessions. We might use this in future. I’d personally love to do some kind of professional video and the lyrics offer a wide spectrum that for. But to be honest: in the end it comes to costs we can’t afford right now. But we definitely think about new visual concepts to transport our music including videos.
T.R.: What can you tell me about the lyrics of yours, I think that you put a lot of effort in this sector...
Tobias: Thank you. That’s definitely right. On this record three lyricists are featured: Marta, Tentakel and I. For me personally speaking I always try to add some personal experience or personal note to my lyrics. On this record I contributed the lyrics for "Odem", "Beyond Silence" and "Expectations". Due to the album title each of them deal with situations or topics that might leave you "breathless" or with breathlessness itself in various kind of senses. I think in comparison to Tentakel who writes in a beautiful "picture painting" but sometimes rather abstract style I mostly chose a more direct approach. In the end we reach a great diversity not only musically but lyrically as well.
T.R.: And where do you find the inspiration?
Tobias: Inspiration for my lyrics comes actually from our everyday life. There are so many things happening around us noticed or even unnoticed at first glance that make me think afterwards. The way our society develops, the way people deal with problems or diseases are for example main aspects concerning that. Besides my profession (I work as a physician in a hospital) brings a lot of inspiring moments with it.
T.R.: On Apnoe there is only one song sangt in German. On the other hand there were four with German lyrics on Angst. Are Todtgelichter becoming even more international?
Tentakel P.: This really was not a conscious decision. The songs just didn’t feel "German" to us, except for one. And in the past we have explored different approaches to German lyrics, now we feel like exploring the English language which gives us whole new forms of expressions and words with a very different atmosphere. This can change on the next album should we feel the need for it. It is much like painting a picture: You have the overall composition as a goal, and to reach that goal, you choose whatever tools are necessary. If we feel a certain set of brushes does not suit our ideas, we choose another. The picture is the important thing, not the brushes. Of course it is a bonus that international fans can understand what we are trying to convey with the lyrics, but should we find our next album needs to profit from the specific way the German language sounds, then this has to become secondary.
T.R.: Something about your live appearances in the near future. Is there a tour in plan?
Tobias: As mentioned before, we all have regular jobs and furthermore Marta and Tentakel have become parents recently, that makes things a little complicated. Never the less: we yearn to play live again as soon as possible and work hard to realize something if not now perhaps later this year, plans are being made but nothing official yet.
T.R.: After the release of Angst album you did a couple of shows with Primordial, who are one of the bands that I admire a lot. How it was sharing the stage with them?
Tentakel P.: There were only two shows, but it was an honor to be chosen as the sole support for those special German release dates. We had a cool time with the guys, many a drink and many a joke. As for the concerts: Munich was more of a routine, I guess for both bands (as we all had to fight off a severe hangover, haha) – but the first one in Essen: wow. I can’t say how we did on that show (somehow I am always busy when Todtgelichter play somewhere, never gotten around to watch them), but the reaction of the crowd to us was very good and I am thankful for that, because, let’s be realistic, it was Primordial’s crowd all along. The acceptance was really, really great though, nearly the whole audience watched us and from the third or fourth song on we got honest cheering, not only a few polite handclaps. But when Primordial played: That was pure magic, I don’t know what happened there on that stage. To be frank, I never was very familiar with their music until then – but on that evening it felt like I’ve known them forever. It was one of my top 5 concerts of all time. And I believe I was not the only one with that feeling. This was one of the evenings where you just know the reason why you do all this. I can’t explain it better, but if you ever watched such a concert you know what I am talking about.
T.R.: Please can you explain me the bands name Todtgelichter (I don't understand German, but I think that is something about death).
Tobias: That’s a Tentakel question! At least when it comes to the name’s tradition. Literally "Todt" is indeed the old german word for death. "Gelichter" is as well an old german expression basically defining a group as "people of the same kind". So much about the direct sense... Tentakel?
Tentakel P.: Yes, Tobias? Nothing to add, you summed it all up very nicely, haha.
T.R.: If you can point out one song from this album that you love the most, which will it be?
Tobias: Only one? Well, then I’d like to point out "Odem" as we put a lot of effort in the recording, the backing voices and arrangements and I love the drive of that song. Though it has no classic "ABBA" song structure it is somewhat catchy and leads to nice rhythmic climax in the end. It is the last song we wrote for the album and some parts of it were not written until we started recording it. I think that contributed a lot to the energy of the song.
Tentakel P.: In short, "Until It All Begins". Not only is it – to me - the most beautiful song we have ever done, it also celebrates very directly the birth of Marta’s and my daughter which, as I surely must not point out, is a very beautiful thing in itself. The song reminds me of that time in November when both "children" were born: I consider the studio time for Apnoe the second birth. In fact, Marta did her parts with the baby (being only ten days old) in studio.
T.R.: Angst album is on the sixth place of albums from 2010 in one of the biggest metal webzines on the world  Metal Storm. Any comments about this?
Tentakel P.: Oh, so it was? I don’t know what to say, it’s very humbling to know people think of your album that way. Thanks to everyone voting!
T.R.: I believe it's time that you reveal us some of your influences?
Tobias: Singing wise I have to name a few. Klaus Meine from the Scorpions was the first one to look up to when I was a little kid in school. Their music and his singing abilities later on drove me directly into metal so we can’t get around that. I love Aaron Lewis of Staind for his lazy, tempting and unique sound. Russel Allen is as well as Jorn Lande an inspiration concerning power and melody lines. When it comes to screaming I admire Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity a lot for his warm and smooth touch in the voice besides the fact that he has an amazing singing-voice as well. And at that point I can’t forget Björn Strid of Soilwork who does the same with perfection in quite a different style. Guess I could go on for quite some time now, haha...
Tentakel P.: Musical influences for me? I am a big fan of Genesis, always have been. Mostly of their end-70s/80s work, I was born 1980 and their music count as one of the earliest memories I have. I also like Pink Floyd and some David Bowie from that period. Through my old man I listened to 60s/70s progressive Rock a lot, still do sometimes. Concerning Metal I tend to go with the more technical material, I like fast drums... Mayhem, Behemoth, Crytopsy, Dark Funeral or recently Fleshgod Apocalypse; as for the classics I need to mention Emperor, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon and the likes. Plus Aborym (until With No Human Intervention, to me Faust WAS the human that intervened afterwards), Abigor (Thomas Tannenberger is one of the best and grooviest Black Metal drummers out there!) and Dødheimsgard (a shame Czral is not able to drum anymore). Everything from Ulver and Enslaved. Apart from Metal I absolutely adore Björk, Dead Can Dance and sometimes Tori Amos; and Lana Del Rey has impressed me very much as well. Furthermore you’ll find the complete discography of German punk Rock (well, kind of) outfit Die Ärzte as well as every album of The Prodigy in my collection. And one or the other Jazz album.
T.R.: In todays over satured scene with thousands of bands, I believe it's hard to survive..., how do you cope with this matter?
Tobias: Interesting question. First of all we play the music we create for ourselves and for no one else. It is the only way to keep doing this for quite some time: be true to yourself, play music you can identify with. People have a good sense for fake they would notice otherwise. Second: we all have regular jobs to pay the bills otherwise this wouldn’t be possible. Now we are in the luxury situation that we do have a label to support us and there are a quite some people who like what we are doing over the years. This is as well a great inspiration and helps us to go the next step. You need people who believe in what you’re doing. On the other hand such a big scene offers a lot of chances. It’s easier than ever before to spread your music over the internet. We try to use this rather than condemn it.
Tentakel P.: We survive by not really caring about survival... We do what we do because we want to do it, there is no other reason. We are immensely lucky that we do have a label and fans to support us, but even were it not so, it wouldn’t stop us from making music. We are just thankful this helps to keep up a certain professional level.
T.R.: I noticed that on most photos of yours you are all dressed in white. Is there any special meaning in this?
Tentakel P.: When Angst came out we thought it would be time to try something different. Stop wearing corpsepaint for once, because we felt it would be wrong to do it any longer when our music has changed from Black Metal to something else. Another reason is that white is the color of mourning in Japan, and we still have that melancholy within us... And the most important reason is, we blend in better with our overall musical concept. We are the canvas on which our musical paintings are applied. We show ourselves, but not too prominent. Our appearance does not divert attention from the music, it has equal rights. It’s the perfect equilibrium.
T.R.: I know that you are good friends with another great band Agrypnie (at least some posts on FB revealed that). Why not making a tour together with them, ha?
Tentakel P.: Yeah, why not? Ha? Torsten? Are you reading this? ...funny, one could think from our Facebook-posts we positively despise each other, haha... We like to pull each other’s leg and call us names. No, honestly; Agrypnie are one of only a few bands we can really speak of as friends. Whenever we meet it’s one of the best times, they have roughly the same mindset, opinion about music and most importantly that childish, vulgar humor we also have. So a tour would be something, and it’s not like we haven’t thought it out loud together several times, but as they did one a few weeks ago I believe that is something for 2014… Who knows? It might happen.
T.R.: Can you reveal me the process of song composing in Todtgelichter? Who's the main and most responsible person regarding the songs compositions?
Tobias: Everyone contributes to the songs. Mostly our guitarists Claudio and Freddy come up with riffs and parts for new songs sometimes even already with ideas how to put them together. For Apnoe they worked a lot to construct the main structure of songs and improved a lot on their playing together. Then we all discuss the songs in our rehearsal room. Each member mostly writes his own lines, Tentakel the drum patterns, Chris the bass lines, Marta and I the vocal lines and arrangements. So the final song is a result of teamwork and the songwriting itself is real creative process including all of us.
T.R.: After Apnoe will be released, what will be next steps for Todtgelichter?
Tentakel P.: Well, finally plan some live appearances which has been a little difficult during the production of Apnoe and with Marta and me becoming parents, but when Apnoe is released, we’ll see to that and come back on stage. And of course we’ll be planning the next output, there is already something in the works, a whole new concept and new riffs... We won’t stop here, promise!
T.R.: Thank you for your time and great answers! Is there anything that you would like to say to all fans of yours?
Tobias: Well, thank you for your questions. We actually wish our fans all the best: thank you for your support so far! We hope you have as much fun listening to Apnoe as we had writing and recording it! See you soon on some stage nearby!

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Photos courtesy of Todtgelichter: Taken by M. and Y.